What are the Different Types of Geriatric Chairs?

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The standard chair, the Trendelenburg chair, and the reclining chair are the three main types of geriatric chairs on the market. The types are designed to facilitate the specific needs of the their users. Manual wheelchairs, motorized wheelchairs, and geriatric beds may also be considered types of geriatric chairs, though traditionally speaking, a geriatric chair is in a typical chair shape. A geriatric chair is often referred to as a geri chair.

As the world's population ages, the field of geriatric medicine has grown by leaps and bounds. One of the primary concerns of the industry is the mobility of aging persons. After all, not every elderly individual requires the constant use of a wheelchair or hospital bed; additionally, not all individuals have health problems that necessitate the need for these devices. Geriatric furniture, especially a comfortable chair that allows aging individuals a level of mobility, was developed to address the unique needs of this population.

Geriatric chairs come in a standard variety that resembles a traditional wheelchair. The notable difference between the geriatric and standard wheelchairs is that the geriatric chair contains larger-than-average wheels that permit the user to wheel him- or herself around with ease. Standard geriatric chairs often contain a footrest; they may also include a tray to be used as a tabletop or a desk.


Trendelenburg chairs are similar to traditional geri chairs except they allow an individual's feet to be elevated above the heart. This is especially helpful for patients with certain medical conditions or those who require bariatric care. The Trendelenburg position entails the body being laid out flat on the back. When necessary, the chair can then be lowed back into the sitting position.

Reclining geriatric chairs permit a user to lie back but not to the extent of the Trendelenburg position. These chairs are designed with comfort in mind. Many chairs contain more than one position of elevation, letting an individual decide on his or her comfort level and adjusting the chair accordingly.

Geri chairs are developed to make getting around easier and more comfortable for elderly patients. The chairs typically contain secure grips, cushioned seats, armrests, footrests, and ergonomically comfortable headrests. The frames are commonly built of steel, creating a device that is both sturdy and easy to maneuver. There are typically several colors available. With Trendelenburg chairs and reclining chairs, the position of the unit can often be achieved through a level or control that easily places the chair in the desired spot.


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Post 5

I need a chair to take pressure off where the spine sticks out and causes bed sores.

Post 4

@golf07 - Your aunts family was wise to go ahead and buy the chair for her. When my mom was recovering from a minor stroke, we started out by renting a geriatric chair.

We didn't think it would take her long to recover and didn't think she would have any interest in the chair once she was recovered.

We were wrong! She also made the comment how comfortable it was and didn't want to give it up. We ended up buying it and I think she uses it every day.

Hers also comes with a headrest that is like having a built in pillow. She says she doesn't care that it looks like "an old persons chair" because the benefits far out weigh what it looks like.

Post 3

After my aunt had some major surgery done, the family bought her a Trendelenburg chair as part of her recovery process.

Many of these geriatric supplies can be rented, but they went ahead and bought this chair. She was going to have a long recovery process and this chair was a crucial part of it.

It was important she spend a lot of time with her feet elevated above her heart. With this chair, this made it easy for her to do, and she was also very comfortable spending long hours in this geri chair.

She is almost completely recovered, but still spends a lot of time in this chair. She says it is the most comfortable one she owns and she can be mobile with it at the same time.

Post 2

There has been a big increase of available geriatric products on the market in the last few years. The geriatric chairs that are available today come in a wide variety of styles and colors.

One day when I was visiting someone in an assisted living home I even saw one that was pink! Many of them are also treated with a special ion technology which helps inhibit odor and stains.

This is pretty important because many people end up spending most of their day in these chairs. They are also easy to clean and wipe off.

My grandpa is in a nursing home and his geriatric chair has been a life saver for him. It allows him

to have greater independence than a regular chair would have. On a good day, he can wheel himself around pretty fast in that chair.

He doesn't have to depend on someone else to get him around and his table is right in front of him whenever he needs it. When he is ready to take a nap, it reclines back and he doesn't need to have someone help him get in and out of it.

Post 1

My mom is in her mid 80's and still works part time and stays active. She has a reclining leather chair that is motorized that she operates with a remote control.

Even though this not a traditional geriatric medical chair, it has made her life much easier. Even though reclining chairs are comfortable to sit in, many of them can be hard to get in and out of.

Sometimes it even takes quite a bit of strength to manually push the foot rest back inside. My mom's chair automatically does all of that for her. It will elevate her enough from the sitting position where she can comfortably get out of the chair.

This chair was not

cheap, but considering how much time she spends in it and how much easier it has made her life, it was well worth the money.

She has trouble sleeping flat on her back, so even spends most of her nights sleeping in this chair.

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