What are the Different Types of Fitted Vinyl Tablecloths?

Patti Kate

There are many types of fitted vinyl tablecloths, including oval vinyl tablecloths, rectangular vinyl tablecloths, and square vinyl tablecloths. Many of the fitted vinyl tablecloths are made with a particular theme. For instance, holiday fitted vinyl tablecloths may be designed for Christmas or Easter. Birthday vinyl tablecloths are another popular style.

Vinyl tablecloths may be made to fit tables for outdoor entertaining.
Vinyl tablecloths may be made to fit tables for outdoor entertaining.

Birthday vinyl tablecloths may be designed with a children's theme. This type of fitted vinyl tablecloth may feature toy designs, such as fire trucks or teddy bears. Some also have drawings of cartoon characters that appeal to children. Other birthday fitted vinyl tablecloths include adult styles. These may have pictures of birthday cakes or simply have graphics that spell "Happy Birthday."

Vinyl tablecloths may be made specifically to fit smaller coffee shop or restaurant tables.
Vinyl tablecloths may be made specifically to fit smaller coffee shop or restaurant tables.

Other fitted vinyl tablecloths with a holiday theme include those made for weddings or wedding anniversaries. These may have graphics of a wedding cake, a bride and groom, or champagne glasses. This type of tablecloth is used for decorating a table for a festive celebration honoring the event.

Vinyl tablecloths may be used for decorating a table for a wedding celebration.
Vinyl tablecloths may be used for decorating a table for a wedding celebration.

Other than holiday or special event fitted vinyl tablecloths, many vinyl tablecloths are made to fit a table used for outdoor entertaining. One example is a tablecloth made of vinyl to fit a picnic table or outdoor patio table. These may be decorated with various patterns, such as stripes or other geometric shapes, or simply done in solid colors. Practical for outdoor use, the fitted vinyl tablecloth may be easily cleaned with soap and water or wiped down with a sponge.

One popular design for cafe style tablecloths is red and white checked.
One popular design for cafe style tablecloths is red and white checked.

Most fitted vinyl tablecloths have an elastic edge to easily fit the table, hence the term "fitted." They are typically made with a felt or soft flannel backing. Some of the more expensive vinyl tablecloths are meant to have a suede-like appearance. One of the benefits to the fitted vinyl tablecloth is that it does not require ironing.

Cafe style vinyl tablecloths are another type. These are typically made to fit a smaller coffee shop table or a bistro style table. One popular design for this type of tablecloth is red and white checked.

Some other styles of vinyl tablecloths have a simulated wood design. Another type gives the visual effect of delicate lace. The design may realistically show a cross stitch pattern. Designs that resemble marble may come in various colors.

Some patterns for vinyl tablecloths used in a kitchen may be fruit or floral designs. Tablecloths with pictures of fruit bowls or flowers are often used for a casual setting. Many of these tablecloths also come with matching napkins or other accessories.

Vinyl material can be made in a variety of colors.
Vinyl material can be made in a variety of colors.

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What I like about vinyl table cloths is how easy they are to clean. I live in a small town, and for a few years ran the cafe in town.

We had matching, fitted vinyl tablecloths on all of our tables. Since the tables were the same size, it was easy knowing you would always have the size you needed.

They held up well to daily wear and tear and were easy to sanitize and get ready for the next customer.

I think the vinyl tablecloths are better quality than something like plastic tablecloths. They are made with a heavier material and last a lot longer.

Something like attractive table covers can really make a difference in what a small restaurant like that looks like.


I keep a flannel backed vinyl tablecloth in with my camping gear. We go camping every summer and I always want a clean tablecloth to put over the picnic table.

In addition to eating off a nice tablecloth, the cheerful, bright colors also add a nice touch. I have a hard time finding fitted vinyl tablecloths.

To take care of this problem I keep tablecloth clips packed in with my tablecloth. This keeps the tablecloth secure on the table and the ends from flapping around in the breeze.

The flannel backing helps keep the tablecloth in place, but if you don't have anything else holding it down, a strong wind will blow it right off the table.


Vinyl fitted tablecloths can make good housewarming gifts. When my friend and her husband moved into their first home, I went searching for the perfect tablecloth to match her decor.

I already knew that she liked vinyl tablecloths, because we had discussed how easy they were to clean and maintain at last year’s Christmas party. I wanted to get her a high quality one that would last.

I knew that her kitchen and dining room were done in green and black marble. So, I was able to find a vinyl fitted tablecloth with this same pattern and color scheme.

She loved it. She said I could not have picked out a more perfect gift. She has an old, scuffed up dining room table, and the tablecloth makes it appear elegant.


The catch to buying fitted tablecloths is that you have to know the exact size of your table. I guessed at the size of mine and ended up with one too huge. It flopped about in the breeze when I put it on my patio table!

Luckily, I still had time to return it and get one the correct size. I measured my table and bought a really cool round vinyl tablecloth to fit.

This tablecloth was meant to look like a giant plate. It had decorative edges and a three-dimensional effect that made them seem slightly raised.

This was perfect, because I was about to use it on the table where my daughter’s birthday cake would go. It was also hot pink, the color of the roses and lettering on her cake.


@OeKc05 - Those vinyl tablecloths that are flannel backed seem to be a bit thicker than the ones without a soft backing. I think the thickness makes them easier to wipe down. You don’t have to worry that rubbing them hard will make them tear.

I got a round vinyl tablecloth like this for my family’s Halloween party. We have lots of young children in the family, and I knew that stains would be made on whatever surface I used.

The tablecloth was black with orange pumpkins all over it. It made a beautiful background to my orange punch and chocolate candies.

As I suspected, at the end of the night, the tablecloth was covered with spots of punch and smears of chocolate. I was able to clean them off with just a damp rag and a little elbow grease. I’m happy to report that I will be able to use this tablecloth again next year, and hopefully, for many years to come.


I love flannel backed vinyl tablecloths. They are so soft on the underside and so easy to clean on the top side.

I got one of these rectangular fitted tablecloths for the break room at work. We have an old wooden table that has been painted white in there, and it is covered in coffee stains.

After wiping down the table with a clean wet cloth and drying it with a paper towel, I put the vinyl tablecloth over the top of it and secured the corners under the edges. My coworkers were happy with the change.

The next morning, I saw a coffee stain on the tablecloth. I dampened a paper towel and wiped it right off. The tablecloth looked as good as new.

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