What Are the Different Types of Custom Booths?

Lori Kilchermann

Custom booths for the home and business are available in a myriad of styles and shapes. Retro diner booth styles can be made from actual hot rod vehicles, or they can be upholstered in colors and styles reminiscent of those used to upholster vehicle seats from days gone by. Restaurant booth styles run the gamut, from posh and plush to minimalist styles. Custom booths can also be specially designed to fit into specific areas of a kitchen, dining room or breakfast nook.

Custom booths may be designed for a breakfast nook.
Custom booths may be designed for a breakfast nook.

Restaurant seating often calls for custom booths to help set the atmosphere of a dining room and to make best use of the available space. Typical restaurant booth seating is a two-seater bench with a tall back, which helps to provide comfort and privacy for patrons. The booths can be made of wood and left natural, or be stained or painted. Many booths are padded and covered in a durable vinyl, which can withstand heavy use and frequent cleanings. Some custom restaurant booths are also made in semi-circle shapes to encircle round tables, while others are made to seat only one person and be used in pairs for intimate dining.

Fun and funky custom booths are available in a variety of themes, including those made from vintage and collector cars. Some diners with retro 1950s themes feature booths created inside actual automobiles. Other custom booths are made from parts of hot rods, such as the front seat area or trunk of a 1950s-era vehicle, complete with a custom flame paint job. Rather than using actual or replica vehicles to create custom booths, some are created using the same upholstery styles, colors and patterns as found on seats in popular vintage cars and trucks.

Booths in bars range from sleek and modernistic to ornate and plush. Some feature groupings of low-to-the-ground chairs, couches and love seats stacked with pillows and cushions. In contrast, custom seating for bars is also available in minimalist styles using green or natural materials. Wood is often left in a natural or semi-natural state to help create the minimalist effect. Unusual shapes, such as large, cylinder-shaped booths, booths that resemble fair rides and booths encased in huge, curved wood partitions are also available for bars.

Custom booths are a good option for close-knit spaces or if a certain type of seating is desired, which may include using benches instead of chairs. Woodworkers can blend in cabinetry and even storage in bench seating to further make use of limited space. Custom booths can also be modified or built to match existing furniture styles, woodwork and decor colors.

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