What Are the Different Types of Charity Fundraiser Ideas?

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Charity groups provide financial support for individuals, fund medical research and finance various types of social programs. Typically, charities are non-profit organizations that are funded with donations and sums of money raised during fundraising activities. Popular charity fundraiser ideas include sponsored athletic events, sales and raffles.

Non-profit groups sometimes organize sponsored walks, bike rides or runs. Participants raise money by asking friends and family members to make a donation to the charity if they successfully complete the walk or race. In some instances, participants ask sponsors to make a donation to the charity for each kilometer of the race that they complete. This means that the charity still receives some sponsorship money even if a runner of bicyclist fails to complete the race.

Aside from seeking financial donations, non-profit groups may also receive donations of foodstuffs, clothing and other products. Charity fundraiser ideas often revolve around the sale of donated goods. Tax laws in many nations mean that corporate donors receive tax incentives for donating goods to charities and as a result of these tax rules, some companies agree to donate expensive items such as cars or appliances. These items are sold by the charity either at sale events or through charity operated retail stores. Typically, non-profit groups do not have to pay capital gains tax which means that all of the sale proceeds can be used to fund services and events that are organized by the charitable group.


Raffles and contests are among the most commonly used types of charity fundraiser ideas. As with sales, non-profit groups seek out donations from corporate sponsors and individual donors. In many instances, a charity can raise more money through selling raffle tickets than through selling a donated item because large numbers of people can sell tickets to friends, family members, co-workers and other individuals. Laws in some nations mean that raffles and other types of contests are classified as gambling in which case charitable groups may have to apply for special permission to organize these activities.

In some nations, laws exist that prevent marketing firms and retailers from making unsolicited calls to residential homes and businesses but charitable groups are often exempt from these laws. Consequently, many charity fundraiser ideas involve telemarketing calls to consumers and business owners. Call recipients are provided with some basic information about the charity's activities and are asked to make donations. Some non-profit groups are equipped to take credit or debit card information over the phone while other groups ask donors to mail checks or to make cash donations into the charity's bank account or at the group's nearest office.


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Post 3

@MrsPramm - This is why you need quite a bit of lead time and RSVPs if you're going to throw a fundraising event. But that's not the only option. There are all kinds of different means and ways to get money for charity, from a bake-sale and car wash, to creating a calender or just asking for donations on the street.

Post 2

@umbra21 - The problem comes when too much is spent on the fundraiser and not enough comes in to justify it. That's a serious issue that can cripple an organization, particularly when it comes to events.

And it often comes down to trying to provide too much for the patrons of the charity. Unless you can get everything donated, or funded in some other way, then you're probably going to have spend a substantial amount on venues and catering and so forth. Volunteers can be good, but they aren't likely to be trained in the skills you'll need and that means you'll either need professional supervision or some kind of training in place for them.

If you don't have guaranteed numbers of participants then you could end up losing money. In fact, if you don't plan it properly then you could end up losing money anyway.

Post 1

The best way to fund-raise is to provide people with something substantial when they give. Whether this is a dinner or a physical item or some other experience, people will be more interested in donating money if they get something in return and they will give more money if they know it's going to a cause they are passionate about.

I suspect that most people don't give to charity because they just don't get around to it, rather than because they can't spare the money. If you give them that extra incentive, they will be more likely to remember.

It might seem a bit cynical compared with just asking for donations, but I don't think it's about buying charity so much as just giving people an extra motive to be generous.

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