What Are the Different Types of Bedroom Tables?

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Perhaps the most common of all bedroom tables is the nightstand, and many bedrooms have two nightstands: one situated on either side of the bed. Such bedroom tables are useful for keeping a bedside lamp, various items such as a book or reading glasses, and other items for storage. The size, shape, and function of the nightstand can vary significantly, as can the materials used to build the table. Other common tables used in the bedroom include writing desks and vanity tables, which can either be purely decorative or functional.

Nightstands may feature low shelves on which magazines can be stored, or even other bedroom items such as blankets and pillows. They are intended to be attractive units of course, bu also to be functional. The tabletop of the nightstand is usually fairly low to be on level with or slightly below the level of the top of the bed's mattress. This makes accessing items on the nightstand, such as alarm clocks and lamps, much easier. It also reduces the likelihood of a person bumping into the nightstand during the night.


Writing desks used as bedroom tables are usually fairly small and paired with a chair. Some tables feature one drawer used for storing pens and paper, while others may feature shelves or additional drawers for more storage. These bedroom tables are generally made out of some sort of attractive wood such as oak or mahogany, though less expensive units might be made of pine or even composite materials such as particle board. If the desk is meant purely for aesthetic purposes, the legs are likely to be ornately carved and the rest of the desk may be designed to showcase the wood grain or fine carving.

Vanities are bedroom tables used for preparing one's make up or hair for the day. The vanity usually features at least one mirror to allow for better viewing of one's face and hair when preparing for the day. In many cases, the vanity table is coupled with a small upholstered bench on which a person can sit while using the mirrors. Drawers are likely to be included as part of the design of the vanity table. The design is usually fairly ornate, and lighter colors are common, as are gold accents and fine woodworking. Again, the cost of such a table can go up when finer materials are used or when finer woodworking is involved.


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