What Are the Different Types of Bedroom Comforter Sets?

Patti Kate

Bedroom comforter sets may be found in a wide array of styles and fabrics, including synthetic or natural goose down. The sets are made to fit every size bed. Other than the comforter, which is made to decorate the bed and function as a quilted type of blanket to keep one warm during sleep, a bedroom comforter set may include a bed skirt and pillow shams. Some sets also include accent pillows for decoration. Bedroom comforter sets may be designed for the adult's bedroom, while children's sets may feature colorful designs or sports themes.

A bed with a comforter set on it.
A bed with a comforter set on it.

Some popular bedroom comforter sets are made with goose down. Some comforters filled with goose down feathers are over-sized and overfilled. Generally, the higher the loft number on a comforter like this, the more down filling in the comforter. Goose down comforter sets are typically made with what is known as baffeled box construction.

Bedroom comforter sets can be silk, faux and hypoallergenic.
Bedroom comforter sets can be silk, faux and hypoallergenic.

Bedroom accents include bedroom comforter sets that are made from Egyptian cotton. The Egyptian cotton comforter set may include a comforter with a high thread count, made to be extra thick and durable. The pillow shams and bed skirt that are typically included in the set will also be made with Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton comforters are made to feel softer against the skin than ordinary cotton comforters.

Organic bedroom comforter sets are made from all-natural fibers, including wool. Many people who suffer from allergies caused by dust mites or feathers choose organic comforters and bedroom decor. All-natural and organic bedroom comforter sets are typically not treated with chemicals that may be considered toxic.

Hypoallergenic comforter sets may be made with natural or synthetic fibers. Some are made with polyester, cotton, or a blend, while others are made with goose down clusters. Down feathers may be specially cleaned or treated to prevent allergies in sensitive individuals.

Silk and faux silk bedroom comforter sets are often used to enhance the decor of the room. The genuine silk comforter sets will typically be more expensive than those made with cotton or polyester. Imitation, or faux, silk, may resemble genuine silk in softness and appearance, but is generally less expensive.

A flannel comforter set is typically made with 100 percent cotton flannel material. This type of set is generally used in cold climates or during winter months, due to the extra warmth flannel will provide. Some flannel comforter sets are reversible, commonly seen in solid and plaid designs.

Comforter sets filled with goose down is a popular option for bedding.
Comforter sets filled with goose down is a popular option for bedding.

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@Pippinwhite -- I think the whole dozen pillows and coordinated shams and comforters thing has kind of fallen out of fashion, but I understand where you're coming from. I use a comforter, but only to hide the fact that my husband and I are both such cover hogs that we each have our separate sets of flat sheet, blanket, etc. The comforter covers all that up and the bed still looks made! It's too much trouble to make a bed every morning before I go to work, so the comforter hides it all.


Several years ago, the "bed in a bag" fad became popular. It included a comforter, pillow shams, and sometimes a bedskirt. I never was much interested in that much coordination, though. I don't want to have to tear my bed apart to sleep in it. The comforter would always end up on the floor, unless it was really cold.

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