What Are the Different Types of Arts and Crafts for Kids?

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There are so many different types of arts and crafts for kids that it's nearly impossible not to find at least one a child would love to do. Kids who love to play with their food may enjoy making edible crafts, while those who have a fondness for jewelry might be especially excited about jewelry crafts. There are quite a few holidays throughout the year, so there are ample opportunities for projects pertaining to each one. Kids who show a special interest in learning about the world around them and making it a cleaner place might enjoy making eco-friendly crafts.

Arts and crafts for kids doesn't just have to be about the sticky glue that dries on their little fingers; it can also be about using edible glue and other materials they can eat. Edible crafts are good options for kids who like to play with their food and who may even have already decided on a creative career in the food industry. Edible projects that kids can do either by themselves or, depending on the project, with the assistance of an adult, include making chocolate in various shapes, making a fruit bouquet, decorating cupcakes and using edible glue or frosting to attach gummy bugs to a large cookie.


Holidays offer plenty of opportunities to do a variety of projects that correspond to the respective theme of the day. For Christmas, some of the projects can consist of making house decor, such as a green and red pom-pom wreath to hang on the door and paper loop garland to put up around the home. Decorating eggs is a favorite around Easter as is decorating pumpkins for Halloween. For Veteran's Day, kids can draw patriotic pictures and give them to veterans as a way to say thank you for their service.

When deciding on arts and crafts for kids, think about a project they can later wear and show off to their friends. Jewelry crafts are best done when an adult is there to supervise, considering the small pieces that may be involved. It's also important to consider the child's age and dietary restrictions in case any decide to eat their masterpieces. Parents can help younger children put colored cereal loops on a string to create an edible necklace, while older kids may enjoy making candy necklaces instead. To make funky bracelets, use non-toxic craft glue to adhere colorful scraps from a magazine onto an unfinished wooden bangle.

Eco-friendly arts and crafts for kids can help them learn how to reuse items they already have to make things they want. Kids can decorate shoe boxes to store smaller toys, turn an ugly aluminum can into a decorative mini planter and make coasters from unwanted CD's. It's also a good opportunity to give brief lessons, specifically relating to the materials they're using, about why reusing and recycling is important.

Arts and crafts for kids are an excellent way for them to stay busy, have play time, develop their creativity and learn new information. Although many are educational projects, they won't seem like work. In order to promote family time and creativity, it may be a fun idea to designate a special family craft night once a week.


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Post 3

@irontoenail - The best way to inspire is to get your arts and crafts ideas for kids from whatever interests them. They'll do that naturally, by drawing whatever it is that they enjoy, like trains or ponies, but you can take it one step further.

The last thing anyone should do with kids is make them follow a template in art. They should be making their own creations.

Post 2

@croydon - I think gender bias can be an issue here, as boys are often given the impression that art is something that only girls do. If your child has picked that up you might want to give them a crash course on art and show them that there are many famous male artists and that art can be about a lot more than just coloring or drawing ponies (this will appeal to those girls who don't like those activities either!).

I would suggest showing them some of the things that Leonardo Da Vinci worked on during his lifetime. He had such a wide variety of interests, including flying machines, anatomy, painting, sculpting and so forth, there are sure to be

some easy arts and crafts activities that will link in with what he did.

A child who might not be interested in colored pencils or making painted butterflies could be much more intrigued with the idea of building their own flying machine.

Post 1

I think this just has to be framed the right way if you are trying to get a reluctant child to do some kind of art or craft. Lots of kids will love sculpting and if you get them some polymer clay so that they can bake their creations they will often really enjoy that.

Or you can take them to a summer arts and crafts course for kids where they might be able to use real clay and have it fired in a kiln.

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