What Are the Different Types of Airplane Decor?

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Airplane decor can range from pilot goggles and wall murals to actual parts of airplanes, such as propellers, gauges, and radios. Tables and desks are available crafted from old jet airplane parts, and model airplanes of various shapes and sizes can be placed on shelves or suspended from the ceiling. Altimeter wall clocks, customized art, and lamps are also available in airplane-inspired themes. Airplane decor is available for nearly every room of the house.

To adorn walls, airplane decor options include wall decals, stickers, and murals. Airplane murals feature an array of scenes, including famous airports, World War II-era military aircraft, and cartoon-style airplanes. Airplane murals are also available for ceilings. Posters featuring airplanes are available featuring modern and vintage planes, and airplane movie advertisements.

Nursery airplane decor includes mobiles, fabric wall-hangings, and plush airplane rockers. Airplane-themed crib sheets, baby blankets, and quilts are also available. Framed prints featuring airplanes pulling banners can be customized to feature baby names in the banners, while retro pedal airplanes and teddy bears can be used for play and decoration.


Bedroom airplane decor includes throw rugs, bookends, and clocks, as well as drapes, comforters, and airplane-shaped throw pillows are also available. Airplane-themed lighting includes ceiling fans with propeller-like blades and airplane headlight lamps. Trash cans, banks, and airplane-shaped coat hangers are also offered. Ceramic knobs and handles featuring airplanes are available, as are metal knobs and ceiling fan pulls shaped like airplanes. Plush, airplane-shaped dog beds are also offered.

Decor is even available for the living room, including airplane-inspired chairs range from rockers and plush beanbags to real aircraft military seats. Antique airplane-style trunks can be displayed individually, or stacked for a more dramatic effect. Airplane-inspired trunks made from aluminum and brass are also available. Drink coasters, business card holders, and radios are also offered in airplane themes. Airplane-inspired lamp shapes, balance mobiles, and vases can also add an interesting element to the living room decor.

Aviation decor for both the kitchen and the bathroom can add an interesting look to the smaller areas in a home. Kitchen airplane decor offers unique items such as bar stools featuring airplane propellers as legs. Airplane-inspired kitchen clocks, timers, and paper towels holders also can help to decorate a kitchen in this theme. Airplane decor for the bathroom includes airplane shower curtains, shower curtain rings, and bathmats, as well as themed organization tools such as toothbrush holders, soap dishes, and lotion dispensers.

To add an expert touch to any room in the house, model planes, including U.S. mail planes, in wood and metal can be an interesting discussion piece. They can either be purchased or constructed by hand. Some model planes are on stands, and others can be placed on shelves or hung from the ceiling.

Other small items can be placed throughout the home or office to give a small touch of aviation at any time of year, and even during the holidays. Small, crystal airplanes, decorative steins, and Christmas ornaments are specialty items that will add flair to any space. Airplane decor accessories for the desk include mouse pads and computer mice shaped like airplanes.


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