What are the Best Treatments for Hip Pain in Pregnancy?

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Gentle stretching and therapeutic massage are among the best treatments for hip pain in pregnancy. A woman may also minimize hip pain during pregnancy by paying attention to her posture, as poor posture often makes the pain worse. Getting plenty of rest may prove helpful as well. Pain relievers are also an option, but many women prefer to avoid them during pregnancy. If a woman does decide to use a pain reliever, seeking the advice of a health care professional is critical.

Gentle stretches may prove especially helpful in treating hip pain in pregnancy. For example, some women find the gentle stretching accomplished during pregnancy yoga helpful for dealing with their hip pain. Exercising in a prenatal Pilates class may prove beneficial as well. Before beginning a new workout, however, a woman may do well to consult with her obstetrician or midwife to confirm that the workout is safe; doctors also may offer suggestions for stretches she can try at home.

Therapeutic massage may also prove helpful for dealing with hip pain in pregnancy. If a woman wishes to try this treatment, she may do well to look for a massage therapist who is licensed in her jurisdiction. Likewise, she may benefit from choosing a massage therapist with experience massaging pregnant women. Taking these steps may help ensure that her massage sessions are both comfortable and safe during pregnancy.


Paying close attention to posture may also prove helpful for treating hip pain during pregnancy. For example, a woman may benefit by making a conscientious effort to sit up straight and place a pillow behind her back when she is seated. Slouching or sitting in strange positions may aggravate hip pain in pregnancy. Some women also find that sleeping in a partially upright position helps them minimize hip pain in pregnancy.

Rest may also help a women deal with hip pain in pregnancy. Many women find that standing for a long period of time aggravates the discomfort. Taking frequent breaks from standing may minimize discomfort or prevent it from worsening. Some women also find resting with their feet elevated helpful.

While over-the-counter pain relievers may prove helpful for relieving hip pain, many women prefer to avoid unnecessary medication use during pregnancy. Sometimes, however, the pain is severe enough to interfere with a pregnant woman’s normal routine. In such a case, she may do well to speak with her obstetrician or midwife about safe medication options.


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