What are the Best Tips for Fast Weight Loss?

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There are a number of ways to experience fast weight loss but it is important to remember that many of these methods are unsafe, especially if they are practiced for extended periods of time. The best way to lose weight in a healthy manner is to make lifestyle changes such as eating healthier foods and getting more exercise. These methods will also help to keep weight off, whereas drastic weight loss diets may lead to yo-yo dieting where weight is lost and then gained again.

Some of the most common fast weight loss plans include the three day diet, the cabbage soup diet, the liquid diet, and the lemonade power cleanse. The three day diet is a program for rapid weight loss during which the dieter follows a very specific and strict diet for three days during which up to ten pounds can be lost. This diet involves the combining of certain foods and a low caloric intake. The cabbage soup diet is a rapid weight loss diet during which the dieter ingests a low-calorie cabbage soup as the primary food for a certain number of days.


The liquid diet is a diet in which people only ingest clear liquids such as vegetable broth, water, diluted cranberry juice, and unsweetened herbal teas. This kind of diet is often prescribed to patients before surgery and is usually not supposed to be followed for more than a day or so. The lemonade power cleanse is a detox program during which a person consumes only a lemonade made with lemon juice, cayenne pepper, filtered water, and maple syrup. Some advocates of this cleanse say that it can be followed for up to two or even three weeks.

Fast weight loss is possible by following the diet programs described above. It is important not to engage in any such fast weight loss programs without first confirming the program with a medical professional. There are also pills that can be taken for rapid weight loss. These pills however, can have serious side effects. It is important, again, to consult a doctor before using these kinds of pills.

Starvation is a very unhealthy form of fast weight loss. It can lead to a number of serious mental, emotional, and physical issues. Malnutrition, depression, dehydration, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and even paralysis are just a few of the dangers associated with starvation. Again, it is important to remember that healthy weight loss is much better — and more effective in the long run — than fast weight loss.


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Post 4

I don't think I'd be able to do that three day diet with just having cabbage soup or liquid diet. I have these unusual hunger so I opted trying an appetite suppressant. It turned out that prescopodene works fine with great results. I'm down 28 pounds and I need three more pounds, and then I'd be perfect. I've also been exercising at the same time. I find it helpful as well.

Post 3

I once did the cabbage soup diet and I lost four pounds in three days. But I gained it all back in two days and I haven't been able to look at a cabbage since then!

Post 2

@ZipLine-- First of all, one month is not a very long time, so please don't set unreachable goals for yourself. But it's not a very short time either and you can definitely lose some pounds before the wedding.

I recommend many, small, high fiber and high protein meals throughout the day. Don't starve yourself, have a few almonds, or an apple in between meals. Try and eat mostly veggies and small amounts of lean meats.

Also, stay away from alcohol and salt. Alcohol has too many calories and salt causes the body to hold on to water, so it will make you bloated.

You can have herbal teas such as green tea throughout the day to boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite.

Finally, none of this is going to work if you don't burn calories so do some kind of exercise every day. Best of luck!

Post 1

I decided to go to my cousin's destination wedding next month in Hawaii. We're also going to be swimming and tanning there and I still have my winter weight on!

All these liquid diets, soup diets and fruit diets don't sound too good to me. I know I will be cutting out bread because yeast makes me bloated and sugar as well.

What else can I do? Please give me some fast weight loss tips that won't make moody and dizzy!

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