What are the Best Tips for Exterminating Bed Bugs?

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Most of the common pesticides available on the market for consumers will not help in exterminating bed bugs, and the few that will are potentially lethal to humans as well. Since these tiny creatures live within a very close proximity to where humans sleep, it is highly recommended to resist the temptation of spraying mattresses and bedding with any type of pesticide. Instead, consider using various sources of heat to destroy bed bugs. Most of the steam cleaners and residential dryers out there are powerful enough to eradicate this species. If these methods are unsuccessful, individuals can contact a pest control expert since they have far more options when it comes to exterminating bed bugs.

The plight of the bedbug looked grim back in the 1950s when government organizations throughout the world used massive doses of DDT to destroy this species. For many decades, it was expected that these bugs were completely eradicated from countries like the United States, France, and Canada. The sale of DDT and several other lethal substances became illegal under the formation of the Environmental Protection Agency in the 1970s, so when bed bugs began to make a reemergence within many countries across the globe in the early 2000s, there was little to fight off the species with. The areas of the world that still use the chemical DDT have few problems exterminating bed bugs, but a question of long-term health concerns troubles some.


Instead, pest control experts are finding large amounts of success with contraptions that resemble large baker’s ovens. When a homeowner reports a bed bug outbreak, their beds and other bedroom belongings are placed inside it and heated to temperatures known to kill the species. Consumers can duplicate this process by purchasing a steamer and tracing their mattresses while paying special attention along the seams and any other areas that present places in which to hide. Pillows, sheets, and clothing should be placed inside a dryer that is calibrated on the hottest possible setting, because this is also a proven method for exterminating bed bugs.

Perhaps the soundest tip for exterminating bed bugs is to avoid coming into contact with them in the first place, because this species is a prolific breeder and can reach almost uncontrollable sizes within a matter of months. The bed bug’s best friend is the tourism industry, and since hotels and resorts typically do not steam clean their furnishings, it is very easy for infestations to occur. Consumers can make sure to leave the luggage outside once returning home until it can be properly treated with high heat. They can also place any clothing, including whatever is being currently worn, into a dryer immediately upon return. Bed bugs can not jump, and they travel very slowly during the twilight hours, so an aggressive defense also makes the best offense in this scenario.


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