What Are the Best Tips for Attic Cleaning?

Patrick Lynch

When attic cleaning is properly planned, it can be an extremely easy task. For a start, the attic should be tidied on a regular basis to decrease the workload. Start the process by having containers ready to pick up useful and worthless items and store or dispose of them accordingly. If an item is gathering dust and is of no use to anyone, it should be thrown away. Putting names of items on containers will save time and effort and only takes moments to do.

Keeping holiday decorations in marked storage containers can make them easier to find each year.
Keeping holiday decorations in marked storage containers can make them easier to find each year.

Attic cleaning is often left at the bottom of everyone's "to-do" list. It may be the place where all unwanted clutter is thrown and rapidly accumulates. The result is a daunting task if done incorrectly.

One of the most basic attic cleaning tips is to schedule various times of the year when it needs to be tidied up. Only cleaning the attic once a year is guaranteed to overwhelm most people because 12 months worth of an average household's mess is considerable. This is why it is a good idea to dedicate an hour or two once a month, at the beginning, to put everything in order. Once this has been achieved, future attic cleaning will be far easier.

For the majority of people, the beginning is the hardest part of attic cleaning. It is entirely possible for the attic to be so full that there is no space in which to maneuver. If this is the case, quickly removing light and bulky items will instantly free up some space, allowing for a more strategic cleaning effort.

Another tip before the attic cleaning begins in earnest is to place empty garbage bags and boxes near the entrance. The items that are to be kept can be placed in the boxes while things to be disposed of can be thrown into the bags. This is an extremely efficient and quick method of cleaning.

It is important to be ruthless when cleaning the attic. If something there has no real use, either throw it out or find someone who wants it. Space should never be taken up by useless items. If an item has not been used in years, it is unlikely that it will ever be used.

Labeling items that are placed in the attic is an easy way of making future cleaning more manageable. An example of this would be Christmas decorations. Simply labeling the bag or box that is filled with tinsel and lights could save hours when it comes to searching for or removing items.

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