What Are the Best Dishes for a Vegan Christmas?

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The best dishes for a vegan Christmas are those that are appropriately festive and that guests will actually want to eat. While it can be tempting to try and replicate a typical Christmas meal which is often heavy on dishes that either contain meat or dairy, one should be aware that some vegans do not care for “imitation” meats. If serving a vegan Christmas meal to a large group, it is a good idea to have a variety of dishes so that everyone can put together a meal they will enjoy. In such cases, having one imitation meat, such as a tofu “turkey” along with a variety of vegetable dishes and starches may be the best option. It may also work to have a wide selection of vegan appetizers, which may be more adaptable than traditional holiday recipes.

There are number of pre-made vegan appetizers and snacks that one can purchase in anticipation of a vegan Christmas meal. Very often, these items can be served just as they would otherwise be at any party. For example, bowls of chips can be served with hummus, salsa and other vegan dips. Falafel balls, vegan "meatballs" and vegan cocktail weenies can likewise make excellent appetizers. Skewers of grilled vegetables can add a festive touch to a vegan Christmas celebration.


For the sake of tradition, serving a vegan "ham" or other meat dish might be appreciated by guests, but as a general rule one should ensure that there are a number of well-made vegan dishes available. Fresh vegetable dishes, such as those made from carrots or asparagus, can make delightful side dishes, along with mashed and sweet potatoes made with vegan fats such as coconut oil, vegan margarine or other vegetable-based oils. A selection of vegan breads can help create a filling meal. To serve with a vegan Christmas dinner, hosts can seek out vegan wines that do not use any animal products in their production.

For dessert, fresh fruit salads and skewers may be appreciated though these may not be rich nor festive enough for party guests. Many people find vegan, coconut milk-based ice creams delicious and very rich. Coconut milk ice creams can be wonderful for topping vegan cakes and pies. Another option would be a selection of vegan Christmas cookies. Several traditional Christmas cookie recipes may be very easily adapted to preparation with vegan ingredients, and as guests generally find it easy to help themselves to cookies, this can be a convenient dessert option for busy hosts or for buffet-style vegan Christmas meals.


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Post 3

@serenesurface-- I will have vegan guests over for Christmas this year too and I have been so worried about what to serve. I think I will actually just call them and ask them what they prefer. I don't want to buy vegan meats if they do not like them. Vegetable and starch dishes will be easy but I don't want to bore my guests with a bland and typical meal. I'm looking up some interesting and yummy vegan recipes for them. So far, I've found spinach casserole and caramelized squash. Both look very delicious.

Post 2

I made a vegan Christmas dinner last year and it turned out great. I made vegan biscuits, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and vegan stuffing. And of course, cranberry sauce. I didn't make or buy a vegan turkey or ham because my guests said that they prefer not to have it.

I also made vegan fudge as a surprise using coconut oil and vegan cocoa/chocolate. It was even better than my traditional fudge!

Post 1

I'm vegan and I do enjoy vegan versions of traditional Christmas dishes. I do long for these because I was not vegan growing up. So without some of my favorite Christmas dishes, I don't feel the holiday joy as much. There are so many delicious foods that can easily be made vegan and they will still remind guests of warm Christmas dinners with their families growing up.

Pastry pies for example are east to make vegan and they are traditional Christmas recipes. My mom always makes shepherd's pie around this time of the year for example. Vegan ginger cookies are a must too.

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