What are the Advantages of Artificial Christmas Trees?

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Christmas trees have been a holiday tradition for centuries, but it wasn't until more recently that fake trees became an option. Tree purists insist on cutting down a live Christmas tree every season and can't imagine enjoying a plastic fir. However, there are many reasons to embrace the faux Christmas tree.

Cleaner Fake trees don't lose their needles, the biggest complaint that most people have about live trees in the home. With an artificial tree, you can avoid any encounters with sticky sap. There is also no need to water them, so there are no water bowls to overturn or liquid to spill as you carry it from sink to tree.

Safer Real trees can become a fire hazard as they dry out. In addition, most fake Christmas trees are created from flame resistant materials for added safety. This doesn't mean that you should use electrical devices irresponsibly with an artificial tree, but an errant spark is less likely to cause major damage.

Reusable While an artificial tree may initially be more expensive than a real tree, consider it an investment. You can put your fake tree up again and again, making it both an economical and an environmentally sound choice compared to cutting down and throwing out a live tree every year.


Variety of styles No matter what kind of tree is your favorite, you can find it in an artificial form. There are artificial trees of all sizes from tabletop trees that are a foot (.3 m) tall to 12-foot (3.7 m) trees that fill an entire living room. You can buy artificial trees that come with built-in lights, music, or fiber optic effects. If you miss the scent of pine, you can even buy air fresheners that recreate that aspect of the real tree experience. And these varied artificial specimens are sold in a wide range of prices, so you can find an artificial tree to fit any budget.


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Post 5

I have had both real and artificial Christmas trees, but have used an artificial one most of the time. You don't have to worry about keeping it watered so the needles don't get too dry and become a fire hazard. It is also much easier to take down and store then removing a live tree, wondering how you are going to recycle it and get all the needles off the floor.

One of the best ways to find cheap artificial Christmas trees is in the classifieds. When people move across the country or to a smaller place, they often don't want to take their Christmas tree with them and you can find some great deals this way.

Post 4

Sure beats killing a living thing as a tree.

Post 3

When you're shopping for an artificial Christmas tree-I know, I just spent 6 hours doing it today-be sure to compare how many points (how many branch endings) it has (the more the better) and get a pre-lit tree to save time on putting up lights.

Post 1

One other advantage not listed here is that artificial trees are usually free from allergens, moulds, and fungi that grow on natural trees, yet can be problems for some people. While it may be festive, few would enjoy going through the Christmas season looking like Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

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