What are Some Tips for Having Houseguests During Christmas?

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Some of the best tips for having houseguests during Christmas include ideas that you are comfortable with that also make your guests feel comfortable. You don't have to turn your house upside down catering to your guests' every whim, but neither should you ignore their holiday traditions and customs. The best tip of all is for you and your houseguests to discuss your holiday plans way in advance of the visit.

When planning holiday activities, first check with your houseguests ahead of time to find out what days they may be off visiting others or attending services or holiday events they have planned. Giving them space for their own activities and traditions is a great way to start. You can then make them feel like a welcome part of your own traditions and activities. For example, in the pre-planning stage you can mention that you're putting together the menu for Christmas dinner and you need ideas for another side dish or two. Your guest may have a traditional favorite to share that can accompany your usual holiday fare.


Houseguests during Christmas may enjoy tours of holiday light displays in your neighborhood and/or outings such as skating, skiing or snowboarding. Even something simple as building a snowman and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and Christmas cookies afterward can be fun for houseguests with younger children. If possible, you can bring your houseguests during Christmas to your children's holiday plays or else get tickets for, or reserve free seats for, a play or other holiday event.

Decorating the guest room is a great and welcoming idea for your houseguests during Christmas. It's a good idea to keep it simple and cheery. Even a potted poinsettia and a wreath on the bedroom door are a cute touch, with maybe a few ornaments hung at the window. You could also leave a little basket on the bed with a few magazines and a few Christmas candies in it. In your kitchen, Christmas potpourri or simmering cinnamon sticks and spices as well as the aroma of cookies baking in the oven can add a homey feel for your houseguests during Christmas.


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Post 2

I agree -- good bedding can make a real difference. I think a welcoming sort of basket on the bed is also great. A friend did this for me when I stayed at her house and I loved it! She had a small basket of candies, little soaps and a few magazines and it did make me feel very welcome and dare I say, special! lol :)

Post 1

great ideas! it's fun to have your loved ones with you in your home over the holidays. but you know what they say about fish and houseguests--after three days they start smelling! my advice to you would be to give them your best- your best pillows, best sheets, best bed (if possible). they'll appreciate it--and hopefully offer you their best next time you come to visit!

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