What are Some Seasonal Bed Decorations?

Sheri Cyprus

Dressing your bed to coordinate with the seasons can add a great feeling of comfort to your bedroom. Seasonal bed decorations are simply the things you need anyway such as bed linens plus decorative accents like throw pillows, but are coordinated to the weather and motifs commonly associated with winter, summer, spring and autumn. You can buy great seasonal bedding off season on sale and change your colors, fabrics, textures and patterns seasonally.

Seasonal bed decorations may include throw pillows.
Seasonal bed decorations may include throw pillows.

Winter bedding is usually the most comfortable when it's heavy and rich. Neutrals and dark jeweled tones of burgundy, green, blue and plum are popular. Cotton flannel is cozy, while thick satin is luxurious. You can really warm things up with either fleece throws or down-filled comforters. Throw pillows in velvet or other heavy, rich fabrics are great touches for winter seasonal bed decorations.

The falling leaves of autumn might spark some bedding ideas.
The falling leaves of autumn might spark some bedding ideas.

Summer bedding should be cool and comfortable. Cotton is a great choice. You could dress your summer bed in a romantic style by using only shades of white in cotton fabrics such as eyelet lace. Seasonal bed decorations for summer's white bed look should focus on pillow shams and a pile of pretty throw pillows in white lace and other romantic fabrics. Another way to dress your bed for summer is to blend some white with pastel colors. You can even mix patterns such as stripes with a floral for an eclectic, casual look, but try to keep to three colors so you still have a coordinated look in your seasonal bed decorations.

Spring brings to mind fresh colors such as green and yellow, but you can make any color work. If you do want to use darker colors, stay away from winter fabrics that are too heavy for spring and try to incorporate some fresh and light accent colors into your bedding. For example, navy blue seasonal bed decorations can go from winter to spring if you add some yellow bedding into the mix. Extra pillow shams are usually quite inexpensive and you can even have different-colored top and bottom sheets for extra impact.

Autumn seasonal bed decorations can take their cue from the colors of the falling leaves. You can lean more towards burnt oranges and warm reds or to cooler shades of burgundy and plum. You can accent your autumn bedding by using autumn leaf motifs on some throw pillows or on artwork above the bed. Changing the room's artwork with the season can really help to set a new seasonal tone in the room and the artwork doesn't have to be expensive. Wall hangings and framed prints can be stored away easily without taking up a lot of room in your home.

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I think that the best bed decor is canopy curtains. I've been wanting them for years. It's not exactly seasonal but the curtains could be switched with spring/fall/winter colors easily to match the season. I just think that canopies and canopy curtains are luxurious and would make anyone feel like a king or queen! The season doesn't matter.


@literally45-- Getting bed sheets, pillow cases, etc. in Christmas colors is the easiest way to add a holiday theme to a bed and bedroom. I bought a red and white set recently for this reason. It has adorable white snow flake designs on the sheets and cases.

You could also put a small decorative Christmas tree somewhere in the bedroom. It doesn't need to be large, it can be something small for the night stand. But I'm sure it will look great.

If you're into paper crafts and origami, you can also make paper snowflakes and stars to decorate the bed frame or walls. My sister is great with paper crafts and does this all the time.

There are actually so many different things you could do, feel free to experiment and let me know what you decide to do. I'm looking for new ideas myself.


What are some bed decorations I can use for winter holidays?

I love decorating our home for Christmas and I try to add a little bit of holiday cheer to each room. I have ideas for the living room, kitchen and bathrooms, but I don't know what I could do for our bedroom. The kids already have some Christmas toys and decorations for their room and they're doing the decor themselves this year. I still don't know what I should do for the master bedroom though. Any ideas?

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