What are Some Great get-Well Gift Ideas?

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Great get-well gift ideas can help hospital patients and home care patients feel remembered, cheered up or both. Thoughtful gifts that suit the recipient can make the time spent recovering from an operation or suffering from an illness much more pleasant. There's no need to spend a lot of money on big showy gifts as small heartfelt offerings that suit the occasion and the patient are best. When thinking of great get-well gift ideas, it's also important to remember ones that won't work and that shouldn't usually be given to hospital patients.

Flowers and plants should be avoided as other patients may have allergies. If the recipient is ill at home and loves plants and flowers, then these can be excellent get-well gift ideas. Whether at home or in the hospital, don't bring the recipient's favorite foods unless they’re approved first by his or her medical professional. You don't want to make the person sicker! If allowed, however, favorite food treats can be much appreciated by patients.

Reading materials and puzzles are often perfect get-well gift ideas. But, be sure that the patient is well enough to do puzzles or they may be a source of frustration rather than pleasure. A stack of magazines can be ideal as long as they match the patient's interests.


As with giving any gift, think of the recipient's individual tastes. Would he or she prefer number or word puzzles? What types of magazines are this person's favorites? Also, match what you give with the patient's condition. It's fine to give magazines and puzzles to a bored patient sitting up in bed with nothing to do a lot of the time, but it's not a good idea to give games and reading material to patients who are spending most of their time sleeping and aren't able to sit up very much.

Crafts also make good get-well gift ideas for patients who are eager for things to do to keep busy. Still, the pieces should be minimal and the project should be interesting, but not overly challenging or taxing. Crafts should be things that the patient can work on from time to time and store neatly in a bedside drawer or on top of the night stand.

You can also bring cheery gifts with a hint of whimsy such as a wooden pig cut out with the message Get Well Soon! written on the pink-painted body. Or you can buy a foil message balloon to tie at the end of the bed. Just think of the patient and bring something from the heart if you want to bring a get-well gift, but also remember that being there and visiting your family member or friend is what really counts!


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Post 5

I love receiving magazine and puzzle book gift baskets when ill. There are websites that offer cool get well gift baskets that won't make you feel even more ill after you open it. I hate getting cookies or chocolates or those horrid junk food gift baskets. They just make you fatter when you don't have the energy or physical strength to get off the couch.

My aunt sent me one and I threw it out. That's how disgusting and useless it was during my cancer recovery. Anyone who sends fattening food gifts to someone who is sick doesn't really care about that person. Wise up America. Health and happiness go hand in hand.

Post 4

I received an amazing gift basket that had bamboo socks, gift card, magazines, organic lotion and soap, healthy snacks and a beverage cup. Now that's the kind of gift basket I would send to someone.

Post 3

Bhutan- I love the idea of book gift baskets. I'm an avid reader so anything with books is awesome.

Usually people in the hospital have a lot of time on their hands, so book gift basket is very thoughtful.

It also will help them forget about the fact that they are in the hospital, since reading often provides a temporary escape.

Post 2

BrickBack- I would love to receive a cookie basket like that. I usually send fruit basket gifts. This way I don't have to worry about allergies and the fruits are very healthy for you. I usually like to send to gifts that are good for the recipient.

Post 1

Gift baskets delivered to a hospital room or a home is very thoughtful. Many of these companies can customize the gift basket to note the recipient’s preferences.

My favorite get well gift basket ideas include a cookie basket. I always order from Cookies by Design. They offer homemade sugar cookies that are iced to say whatever you like.

The cookies are arranged on sticks and are beautifully displayed. Most people love cookies and the beautiful presentation of this gift basket can not only make a great get well soon gift, but they make create beautiful arrangements for Valentine and the Christmas holiday season.

Cookies by Design can customize Valentine's gift basket as well as corporate holiday gift baskets.

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