What are Some Fabric Home Decor Items I can Make?

Sheri Cyprus

It is possible to make beautiful fabric home decor items with minimum effort and maximum style. Whether you sew or just like to work with fabric in a no-sew manner, a little planning and some time spent creating fabric home decor items can result in a pulled-together look for your interiors. You can craft great decor items made from fabric such as some dining room chair covers, table cloths, napkins, throw pillows, curtains and/or covers to hide extra storage.

There are simple patterns and ideas for homemade sheers and curtains.
There are simple patterns and ideas for homemade sheers and curtains.

Fabric covers that hide extra storage can be made from scraps and can be temporary. For example, if you're not using an old file cabinet you can fill the drawers with things to store and then drape a piece of fabric over the top and add something on the top such as a plant and a framed photo graph. You don't have to hem the edges if you use the iron-on mesh adhesive sold in craft stores for a hem. Alternatively, you could "pool" the fabric and tuck the un-hemmed edges under at the bottom. A drapery cord or ribbon tied around the middle may add some charm.

Fabric can be used to make throw pillows.
Fabric can be used to make throw pillows.

Making fabric decor items such as curtains can be as simple as draping hemmed fabric over a curtain rod and securing it with drapery cord. Consider making throw pillows that match or coordinate with curtain fabric for a neat, pulled-together look for your fabric home decor items. A great idea for saving a favorite table cloth that is stained or torn beyond repair is to salvage the good parts of it and add fabric panels or borders to it to create a new table cloth. You could also use parts of an old tablecloth to make some napkins. Save time measuring fabric for napkins -- simply take a square of fabric and cut it into four equal pieces and hem each piece so that you get four cloth napkins.

Dining room chair covers are fabric home decor items that may take more time than other decorating accents to make, but the end result can be worth it. You can make slip covers by measuring your chair, creating a prototype cover that fits and then making a cover for each dining chair. Whether you want permanent covers to stay on your dining chairs or temporary covers that you use only for special occasions be sure to choose fabric that is easy to hold and sew. You may be able to use a sewing machine also, depending on the size and style of the dining chair.

Use parts of an old tablecloth to make cloth napkins.
Use parts of an old tablecloth to make cloth napkins.

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I have made my own cloth napkins before and it can be a rewarding and money saving experience. The sewing process is relatively simple and the materials are as cheap as can be. You can make enough napkins for a whole army of guests over the course of an afternoon and probably save yourself close to a hundred dollars.


I went to a home once that had wall hangings made from strips of all kinds of different sheets sew together to make a strange sort of flag. The hostess had made them herself. She was very interested in textile arts and had been experimenting with notions of fabric collage for many years.

The pieces were so interesting to look at because they combined color, pattern and image in such random, intriguing ways. One sheet would be red, the next paisley, the next covered in G.I. Joe characters. Most of them she had found at garage sales and thrift stores. They could not have been that hard to make and they looked amazing decorating the walls of her home.


I had a friend that made pretty good money for a while by producing and selling her own tie dyed wall tapestries. Basically, she would take a big white sheet, tie dye it in really impressive ways and then sell it as a tapestry. A $5 sheet covered in a few dollars worth of dye would sell for $50 or more.

So you could go into business, or you could simply make tapestries for your won walls. They are a great way to cover large areas of blank space and they lend a funky, colorful vibe to any room.

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