What are Some College Necessities?

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Today’s college experience has evolved from decades past, and therefore the college necessities students must acquire have changed. While the package of Ramen noodles, pens and pencils, and foam hand for the big sports game are certainly still vital, the demands of classes and social events have changed. Therefore, technological advancements such as computers or laptops, and recording devices have become popular. While college necessities will vary by student, here are a few general recommendations that might be helpful to the college freshman.

First off, a computer has become a vital tool in the arsenal of college students and may be one of the most important college necessities for all students. Laptops are popular because of their portability, which allows the student to take it to class to take notes or give presentations. Desktop computers work well, too, but they are not portable and can be a hassle to move when the school year starts and ends. Think about a webcam or an audio-microphone headset as well, for those long phone calls to Mom and Dad back home.


Because of the workload most college students now face, and the astounding abundance of information being thrust at them, a portable recording device has become one of those college necessities that ease the burden of note-taking. Consider a pocket-sized digital recorder with a USB port that allows the user to connect directly to the computer. While certainly no substitute for pen and paper, the digital recorder can prove to be one of those college necessities that make tough courses just a little easier.

Of course, college has its downtime, and every student needs to de-stress. Students may want to consider subscribing to a DVD distributor, such as Netflix or Blockbuster, that will send DVDs right to your dorm room. For those snowed-in Saturday nights in the dorm or the lazy Sunday afternoon after the homework is done, a good movie might just prove to be the mother of all college necessities. To go along with the movies, consider a package of microwave popcorn.

Perhaps one of the most versatile college necessities is the plastic tub. These come in all shapes and sizes, and many will fit underneath the dorm bed. These plastic tubs are great for organizing clothes and other belongings, and they can double as a laundry basket for that trek to the Laundromat down the street. Consider buying different sizes to accommodate different purposes, and you will find the plastic tub to be one of those college necessities you can’t live without.


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@ Glasshouse - You forgot a few crucial ingredients in creating the perfectly equipped college dorm room. Disinfecting spray, music, and good speakers are a must. Bad food, late nights, and plenty of alcohol make for a student body with some seriously weak immune systems. Plus you'll always want to take your little basket with toilet paper, and disinfectant into the communal bathrooms. As for the music and speakers, this can be better than a movie in maintaining your sanity. Good music is also a key ingredient in any "pregame" before the clubs. You'll want good sounds to erase the stress of the previous week.

Post 1

I would recommend a couple pairs of flip flops. You will need one pair to protect your feet in the communal showers, and another for everyday use; great when you’re lounging, or wandering the halls of your dorm. You should also consider getting a personal fan and plenty of Gym shorts and A-shirts if you go to school in a hot location. I went to school my freshman year in the Florida panhandle. During certain times of year the air was as thick as churned butter, and there was no breeze to speak of. I spent many hot afternoons playing Madden in front of the fan happy that I had my mesh shorts and a tank.

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