What are Some Christmas Vacation Ideas?

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When the holiday season arrives, many people consider taking a Christmas vacation. Some people travel to visit family members, but others opt for more exotic or adventurous destinations. For those who are considering a trip over the holidays, Christmas vacation ideas, outside of visiting family members, can include vacations to warm or cold weather destinations.

For those people who constantly brave the frozen tundra in the far north during the holidays, getting out of the cold and heading to the beach can be a great idea. A beach vacation offers true rest and relaxation away from the holiday crowds. There are many all-inclusive beach resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico for singles, couples, and families that will cater to a traveler’s every desire, and no one will have to cook Christmas dinner.

Some other warm weather Christmas vacation ideas include trips to Hawaii, the South Pacific, or exploring the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. The islands of the South Pacific would mostly fall under the beach vacation category, but Hawaii has many other fun tourist attractions. From hiking to the top of an active volcano, to attending a Christmas luau, to surfing on the North Shore of Oahu, there is something for anyone seeking a slightly more adventurous vacation. Exploring the Great Barrier Reef has the similar appeal. Visitors can relax on the beaches of the Gold Coast or head to the Reef to scuba or snorkel.


For travelers who can’t decide on a location, a great way to sample some destinations would be to take a cruise. With many cruise lines throughout the world, there is an itinerary for just about every place over Christmas. Cruises are an appealing option because travelers can do as much or as little as they want. For thrill-seekers, there are usually all types of ship activities that allow people to plan their whole day or just relax with a cool drink on deck while soaking up the sun.

Some holiday vacation ideas for those who want to see snow or embrace the winter would include a ski or snowmobile trip. Throughout the Rocky Mountains in the Western United States, the Swiss and French Alps of Europe, and Canada, there are many resorts for all skiers of all levels. There are also tour companies that offer snowmobile tours or rentals in the same locations for those people who need more speed than skis will allow.

Those who really don’t want to bond with nature in the cold may still appreciate a cabin trip to a cold weather destination. Family time around the table or snuggling up with loved ones by the fireplace while looking out at the snow through a big picture window can be just as fulfilling. When considering Christmas vacation ideas, the most important thing to remember is that Christmas travelers must book early because the holiday season is a popular travel time all over the world.


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Post 7

I know cruises in general were mentioned but just thought I'd add to that by saying that you can do a Christmas themed cruise. If you go to Europe, you can do a river cruise which will take you to multiple places with beautiful Christmas markets.

Post 5

When writing this article, I chose to leave out the obvious. Hence, I did not include Disney World or any other theme parks, New York City or other large cities such as Paris or London. I recognize that some may enjoy Disney World at Christmas, however, I am with the last poster. I would never again go to DW during the holidays -- way too crazy, unless I lived nearby.

Post 4

Regarding visiting Disney at Christmas time, please bear in mind that with the exception of a few dozen people, the entire population of the earth will be there.

Post 3

Comfyshoes- Wow those are nice family Christmas vacation ideas. I kind of like the idea of a road trip, sort of like in the Christmas vacation movie.

The visitng long-distance relatives is always nice. This year, I think we might want to go to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and rent a cabin in the Smoky Mountains.

That area is also very touristy and has many attractions nearby. The biggest one is Dollywood. Dollywood is a huge theme park that has roller coasters and shows of all kinds. My kids are dying to go there, and I would love the mountain views myself.

Post 2

Subway11- I agree with you. I love Disney World. I think that place makes everyone feel like a kid again.

Another great vacation idea for Christmas is a trip to New York. New York is the most beautiful during Christmas time. All the stores. Have beautiful decorations and colorful lights throughout the city.

You can ice skate at Rockefeller Center and see the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall. There are ways numerous Broadway shows available, and usually they put out the Grinch Who Stole Christmas show at this time on Broadway.

There are so many things to do and see in New York but you can never be bored. There's also the American girl store experience

if you have little girls. Not only can the girls get the doll of their choice, but they can also have the doll's hair done and ears pierced. They can also get on the cover of a keepsake American Girl magazine, and dine in the American Girl Café.

You have to make reservations for the restaurant because it gets booked months in advance. A visit to New York makes a great family Christmas vacation idea.

Post 1

Christmas vacation ideas for families should include a visit to Disney World, in Orlando Florida.

Not only is the park beautifully decorated, but they can also take their picture with Santa Claus and attend Mickey’s Christmas party. Mickey’s Christmas party is held at night, after the park closes.

It is a special event that kids absolutely love. Disney is among the best family vacation destinations available. Get the park hopper ticket for the amount of that you will be staying and you can have unlimited admission to all of the parks.

That is important because you will want to take breaks throughout the day, so you won’t be exhausted.

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