What Are Raffle Drums?

Lainie Petersen

Raffle drums are devices used to rotate and mix up raffle tickets so as to ensure a fair and random prize draw. By ensuring that raffle tickets are properly mixed, rental drums adds legitimacy of a raffle fundraiser. The raffle drums also provide an enticing display which can encourage more people to participate in a raffle. Organizations that hold a lot of fundraisers may decide to purchase a raffle drum or drums, though it is possible to rent a raffle drum for special occasion.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

A raffle is a game of chance in which individuals typically either buy or are provided with perforated tickets. A number is printed on each side of the perforation and raffle entrants tear off one end of the ticket and place into a raffle drum. When it is time to draw the winner, or winners, the person conducting the raffle will typically toss the tickets in the raffle drums by turning a hand crank, causing the drums to spin and mix up the tickets. Eventually, after the tickets are suitably mixed, a door on the drum will be opened and the winner or winners chosen. Raffle tickets are typically sold as a fundraiser, or are given away as a "thank you" to guests at a fundraising activity.

Some organizations use raffle drums for other types of prize drawings. For example, some drawings do not require the use of a perforated raffle ticket. Individuals may simply write their name, and perhaps their contact information, on a slip of paper which is then inserted into the drum. Instead of calling out numbers, the official conducting the drawing simply calls the name of the winner after retrieving their entry.

There are several different types of raffle drums available, as well as various sizes. Many organizations that use raffle drums prefer to use acrylic or wire drums, as they are see through which can add both to the excitement and the integrity of the fundraiser. Some raffle drums, however, are opaque, and may come in different shapes and designs, such as balls used in different types of sports. Raffle drums are sometimes designed to stand on the floor, though many are meant to rest on a tabletop. Floor models are typically larger than tabletop versions, though the tabletop models have the advantage of security: Since they sit on a table which is presumably manned by an organization's staff member or volunteer, someone can better keep an eye on the raffle drum so as to ensure the integrity of the drawing.

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