What are Personalized Bracelets?

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Personalized bracelets, formerly known as I.D. bracelets, are customized jewelry bracelets which are monogrammed with information. The information on the personalized bracelet may include any number of words, including names, dates, memorable sayings or quotes, or personal information. A child may give his mother a personalized bracelet made of faux silver or gold, with small blocks or beads containing the letters of his name. A husband may give his wife a personalized bracelet of fine jewelry with their names printed on the front and their wedding date monogrammed on the underside.

Personalized bracelets are wonderful to give as a gift of jewelry, a personal memento, or a simple birthday or Christmas gift. Personalized bracelets are normally worn as an accessory or for sentimental reasons, but many people with health issues wear special kinds of personalized bracelets. Sometimes referred to as medical alert bracelets, they safeguard the wearer by providing valuable medical information, in the event of an emergency. People with epilepsy may wear a personalized bracelet with their name and the name of their medication monogrammed in printed letters. People with diabetes, heart problems, life-threatening allergies or other ailments, might also wear personalized bracelets. Often the inscription will include not only medication, but blood type, weight, and any allergies the person may have. A personalized bracelet used for medical reasons may also include the name and number of someone who should be called in the event of an emergency.


Sometimes personalized bracelets are commemorative. Mothers or fathers may wear a bracelet monogrammed with the names and birthdays of each of their children; grandmother and grandfathers may choose a beaded bracelet containing the letters of the names of their grandchildren. These are precious reminders of family members that may be far away and seldom seen.

Lastly, personalized bracelets are often worn as remembrances of those who have died. Many people choose to wear a personalized bracelet with the name of a husband, wife, parent, child, or other family member who has passed on. Wearing the bracelet can serve as a daily reminder of the one we love.


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