What are Floor Cushions?

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Floor cushions are extra large cushions or pillows that are often used for lying on the floor to play games or watch TV. They are also frequently used as footrests or for extra seating. Floor cushions may be square, rectangular, or any other shape. The most common floor cushions are large, fluffy squares that are the perfect height for resting your feet on while seated on a sofa or in an easy chair.

Floor cushions can be custom made to match other furniture pieces, such as leather floor cushions to match a leather sofa, upholstered cushions to match an upholstered chair, or cushions made from the same fabric as your draperies. Custom floor cushions help make a space seem more cohesive by repeating fabrics throughout the room.

Adding a stack of assorted floor cushions in a corner or spreading them around the room are good ways to add texture or a punch of color to a space. Soft chenille, micro suede, vinyl, leather, and even tapestry or upholstery fabric can add great texture and come in a variety of colors. Floor cushions also help give a room a more casual feel.

Floor cushions with removable covers are very practical, since the covers can be taken off and washed as needed. These floor cushions usually have zippers but may have other types of closures such as Velcro or snaps. On the other hand, some covers may simply close the way pillow shams do.


More formal floor cushions, which are sometimes used for seating near a coffee table, are more like a typical seat cushion than a pillow. This style usually has flat sides and ribbing and may be tufted in the center. These cushions are sturdier and less casual than the pillow style.

Floor cushions can be purchased in department stores or furniture stores, ordered online, or homemade from blankets, comforters, denim, or any fabric you choose. Floor cushions are perfect for the family room, game room, kids' rooms or dorm rooms. Since they cost less and take up less space than furniture pieces, they make excellent, inexpensive alternatives for extra seating.


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Post 3

Floor cushions are also great for furnishing a four season sun room. They are relaxing, comfortable, and easy to move around. These are all traits that make a sun room a great place to hang out in and relax or socialize.

Post 2

@spotiche5- I have a niece who has denim floor cushions in her dorm at college, and she loves them. Since she has a lot of friends that spend a lot of time in her dorm, she also wanted floor cushions that would last and that were easy to clean. She says that the denim is almost impossible to tear, which is great when you have active young people hanging out on them.

My niece also likes that fact that she can use a cloth with soap and water to wash stains and dirt off her denim floor cushions. It sounds like this type of furniture is what you are looking for that would work perfectly for your active youngsters.

Post 1

I'm looking for an idea for the best type of material for floor cushions that will be used by very active kids. I need a material that is durable, yet washable when drinks and food are spilled on it. Does anyone have experience they can share?

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