What are Fitted Crib Sheets?

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Fitted crib sheets are among the important items for equipping a nursery, and they can be purchased or made by hand. They fit around crib mattresses in a snug manner, covering the top and sides, and secured with elastic. They are available in a wide variety of styles and a range of price points and can be purchased individually or as part of a coordinating set of crib bedding. It's advisable to have a large supply of fitted crib sheets since they are the main piece of bedding the baby comes in contact with and usually need to be changed frequently.

When planning a nursery, a large percentage of new parents opt for a crib, even if they plan on co-sleeping or using a smaller bassinet for a while. A crib is particularly useful when it is time for the baby to learn to go to sleep without assistance, and if there are siblings in the house, so there is a safe, secure place to slumber. Fitted crib sheets are a vital necessity when selecting the bedding. In fact, a fitted sheet is the only piece of bedding that is truly necessary, particularly in the earliest months. This is because infants are not supposed to sleep with blankets, bumpers, pillows, or any other item that could block proper airflow and breathing; combined with sleeping on their backs, this practice lowers the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).


It is possible to make home-made fitted crib sheets or they can be purchased in most stores that sell baby equipment. The typical fitted crib sheet covers the top and sides of the mattress, with seams at the corners and secured with elastic. The elastic can be all around the bottom of the sheet or strategically placed along portions of the edge. They are also supposed to be fairly simple to make using a sewing machine, but it important to measure carefully so the sheets fit the mattress correctly.

When purchasing fitted crib sheets, there are many options available. They come in a variety of fabrics such as flannel, jersey or t-shirt material, fleece, cotton, or easy-care percale blends. Colors range from traditional baby pastels to bolder, brighter hues like royal blue or hot pink. In addition to solid colors, a multitude of patterns are available such as stars, teddy bears, baseballs, princesses, trains and almost anything else that can be imagined.

Fitted crib sheets can be purchased individually, allowing parents to mix and match, thereby coordinating with the nursery decor. They are also frequently obtained as part of a specially designed matching set of crib bedding that often includes comforters, blankets, bumpers, and even coordinating curtains. When selecting the sheets, choose durable fabric that will survive frequent washing. It's also wise to have a large supply of fitted crib sheets since they usually require frequent changing so the baby has a clean place to sleep.


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