How Should I Choose a Chauffeur?

Paulla Estes

One may choose to hire a chauffeur for a wide variety of reasons. During special occasions, such as weddings and the prom, couples often hire one to drive them to their various destinations. An important business deal or a special anniversary dinner may also prompt a person to hire one. Businesses often arrange for a private driver to drive out-of-town travelers to and from the airport, to their hotel, and even to dinner. Less often, a chauffeur may be hired on a permanent or semi-permanent basis to work solely for one company, organization, or individual.

Limousine companies employ chauffeurs who are trained to operate the vehicle.
Limousine companies employ chauffeurs who are trained to operate the vehicle.

When choosing a chauffeur, the most important consideration is safety. While the driver is expected to show up on time, deliver us to our destination promptly, and show us a pleasant drive along the way, always make sure your he or she is a conscientious and careful driver. Many limousine services require that each driver be professionally trained and that each possess an unblemished driving record. In addition, the driver, as well as the owner of the limousine service, should cheerfully provide information about the maintenance of the vehicle upon the customer's request.

Chauffeurs should have a professional demeanor.
Chauffeurs should have a professional demeanor.

Professional demeanor and attire are another reasonable expectation when choosing a chauffeur. A limousine is rarely hired for casual or day-to-day events; rather, they are expected to drive and serve on special occasions, and they should look and behave accordingly. The limousine should be clean and neat; there should be no evidence that other passengers have been in the vehicle, other than normal wear and tear.

The limousine service you choose will provide a vehicle based on the occasion and the number of passengers who will be riding in the limousine. A chauffeur can usually be expected to drive anything from a mid-sized sedan to a stretch limousine or even a super stretch limousine. Large groups can find service in the larger 14 and 15 passenger vans or the ever popular super stretch sports utility vehicle. When arranging for a driver, customers should always consider not only the number of people who will ride in the vehicle, but also the amount of luggage or other items they will have with them.

The cost of hiring a chauffeur depends on a number of factors. There is often a minimum time frame in which a limousine will be hired out, such as three to four hours. Sometimes, exceptions will be made, but usually only in the case of airport transportation. The size of the limousine is also a factor in determining the cost, as is the distance to be driven. Usually, customers can expect to pay at least a few hundred US dollars (USD) for an evening of limousine service. It is always considered proper to tip a chauffeur, as one would tip any other service person.

When choosing a chauffeur, consider all the events in which a limousine might come in handy: the aforementioned weddings, prom, and airport transportation, as well as sightseeing, concerts, graduations, conventions, and funerals. Remember to reserve the limousine as far in advance as possible and accept only the best.

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This post helps people choose a chauffeur for special occasions, like a wedding. Everyone wants to look back upon their wedding day with lots of memories. It is one of the most monumental days of their life, and one that you would want to live in style. So it is very important to hire a professional chauffeur for special occasions. Thank you very much for such a great post.

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