How Do I Make Greeting Cards?

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Homemade greeting cards are often just as much fun to make as they are to receive. Making a basic greeting card is quite simple, and all that is usually necessary is some cardboard and art supplies. These greeting cards can be made from just about any symmetrical shape, including rectangles, and any number of messages can be written on the inside of a card. You can also make greeting cards with a computer and special software.

Basic greeting cards are very easy to make. To create greeting cards of this sort, you will need a piece of heavy paper or cardboard. Card stock is usually best. Traditional greeting cards can be made by folding a paper or cardboard rectangle in half, so it resembles a book.

When making greeting cards, you will usually want to decorate the outside of the cards. If you are artistic, you can draw or paint a design on them. You can also use a stamp set. Adding glue and glitter to homemade cards can add a little color and sparkle.

Shapes cut from different colored paper can also be used when you make greeting cards. Some people prefer to trace cookie cutters and cut out those shapes. A number of cookie cutter shapes can be used for this. Christmas cookie cutters, for instance, can be used to make attractive Christmas cards.


Pipe cleaners can also make a nice decoration for greeting cards. These can be bent into various shapes and glued onto the front of the card. You can also add ribbons and bows.

Although a rectangle is the traditional shape for greeting cards, you can use other shapes as well. Folding a cut-out heart in half, for instance, will make a nice Valentines Day card or anniversary card. For homemade birthday cards, you can also cut card stock shaped like cakes.

When you make greeting cards, you should always add a personal message. This can be something as simple as "Have a great birthday!" You can also add other words and messages, such as a poem.

You can also make greeting cards with the help of a computer. Several software programs are available for this. Some of them may be rater expensive, but others can be downloaded off the Internet for free.

Greeting card software typically comes with graphics as well as fonts to create different lettering effects. Some software offers printable greeting cards, so you can print the cards. Other greeting card software enables the user to make animated greeting cards, which can be emailed.


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Post 3

I like to do card making projects with my kids around the holidays. We usually use potato stamps to make cards for all their friends.

It is really easy. You just cut a potato in half and then carve whatever image you want into the cut side. We usually do candy canes or snow men, something simple. You can use the stamp over and over again and the kids get a kick out of the potato aspect.

Post 2

I think it means a lot more if you give people personal greeting cards so I always make the cards that I send out. You can make greeting cards online free at several different sites and they let you choose from thousands of options.

Between pictures, and different kinds of text there is room to make a really personalized card. When the person you send it to receives it they know that it was made just for them, not pulled off a rack at a Walgreen's and stuffed into an envelope.

Post 1

The easiest kind of card making is to simply take a piece of card sock and then fold it in half. Write happy birthday or seasons greeting on the front and you are done. Of course, you can get a lot more complicated with it if you feel so inclined but sometimes the spartan approach is the best one.

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