How do I Make a Bath Gift Basket?

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A bath gift basket can be a useful present to give someone for almost any occasion. With a little effort and, in many cases, very little money you can create a gift that can appear as though it were professionally done. Even those that have never done a gift basket before can put one together with quite a bit of ease.

The first step in creating your bath gift basket is to choose the basket you want to put the items in. You can choose one with a handle or one without; both will work well. Baskets come in various sizes, so you have an option of the size you want the gift to be.

Bath products can be expensive, so instead of spending a lot of money, consider going to your local dollar store. Many dollar stores have an entire bath aisle with quality products that you can stock up on. Instead of spending a lot of money on a few products, you can spend much less and be able to include more items.

Consider if the person has any allergies before you start buying items for the bath gift basket. Some people may be allergic to certain scents or oils and cannot have them on their skin. If the person has any allergies, you may have to look for specialty products.


If the person has no allergies, you have a large amount of products to choose from for your bath gift basket. Start by choosing a bubble bath and a shower gel of the same scent. Try to also find a body lotion that the recipient can use after the bath. Look to buy products in the recipient’s favorite scent. If you are unaware of what it is, look for basic scents such as vanilla, and avoid any products that have an overpowering smell.

To help make the recipient’s bath even more relaxing, include a bath pillow and an eye mask in their bath gift basket. Put in a pillar candle along with a small box of chocolate. For an extra bit of flair, choose a CD of soothing music that the recipient can play while relaxing.

When you have all your items, you can neatly arrange them in your basket. Put the smaller items in the front, slightly taller items in the middle and larger items in the back. Put the basket in a shrink-wrap gift basket bag and follow the instructions included in order to tighten the plastic. Place a bow on top, followed by a note card, and double check that your gift is finally ready to give.

A bath gift basket is a present that almost anyone can get use out of. With careful planning and presentation, it can look as though you worked hours on it when you really spent much less time. With all of the thought you put into picking just the right items, it will almost surely be a present that the recipient will enjoy.


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Post 5

@SarahGen-- Don't forget other items like hand towels, loofah and brushes. One doesn't necessarily have to get soap items for a bath gift basket.

I also think that the relaxation music CD is a great idea. It would go well with aromatherapy candles and potpourri. Even a small radio for the bathroom could be gifted to someone who enjoys listening to music while in the shower or bath. Of course, it depends on how much money one can spend for the gift basket.

Post 4

I had not thought of including an eye mask in a bath gift basket but that's a great idea. My mom does use an eye mask at night so I'm sure she will be happy about that in addition to all the lovely bath items I got her.

Post 3

My sister knows how much I love bathing items and she prepared for me a very nice bath gift basket for my birthday. The gift basket had bath bombs (which I love), bath salts, shower gel, body spray, soap, body scrub and scented candles. The best part is that everything is made of natural, high quality ingredients. I'm so happy and have been trying all of the different products ever since I got them.

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