How Do I Choose the Best Victorian Decor?

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Luxury, wealth and sophistication are keys to Victorian decor. Choose Victorian decor items that are reminiscent of those from the United Kingdom's Victorian-era, which is marked by Queen Victoria's rule from 1837 to 1901. People of the time enjoyed showing off their unique possessions, so clutter and curio cabinets were popular. Consider purchasing Victorian-style decor that is both functional and elegant, such as ornately-carved wood dressing tables, credenzas and settees.

Victorian furniture is ornate and often features period-specific details, such as claw feet on furniture legs and marble tops on dressers, wash stands and tables. When choosing Victorian furniture, select settees, chairs and fainting couches that are upholstered and diamond-tufted in rich velvets, French silk or exotic fabrics. Dark, intricately-carved wood furniture, such as mahogany, reflects the Victorian era. Select parlor tables, desks and piano stools with feet depicting carved or metal animal claws clutching clear glass balls.

Lighting can add to Victorian decor by serving as a room's focal piece, such as a hanging, crystal-laden chandelier. Wall sconces can be used to add drama to a room, and lighting can be strategically placed to highlight period artwork, such as ornate sculptures and oil paintings. Consider displaying stained-glass style lamps with metal bases.


Rugs used for Victorian decor should be elegant and sophisticated. They often feature small flowers and ornate, scroll patterns, and their colors can be muted or rich. Victorian rugs come in a variety of sizes, so choose from small throw rugs to room-sized rugs. Flocked velvet and floral damask wallpaper are good choices for enhancing the walls of rooms featuring Victorian decor.

Adding appropriate architectural elements, such as intricate gingerbread, will enhance your Victorian decor. These ornate elements, such as corbels, ceiling medallions and sconces, can be used for their intended purposes in a room, or they can be strategically placed, grouped or stacked as artwork.

Choose Victorian decor accessories to help set the mood of the room. For a bedroom, consider a gold, gilded frame mirror, a vintage dress form and a stuffed rocking chair. Lace-trimmed sheets, needlepoint throw pillows and porcelain figurines of vintage ladies will add to your Victorian-themed room. Vintage clothing from the Victorian-era, such as corsets, dresses and hats, can also add a feminine touch to a room. Choose draperies that can be layered for a rich effect, including heavy velvet fabrics trimmed with golden tassels.

Victorian decor is cluttered, yet formal, so be sure to incorporate many accessories. Display brass lamps with etched glass shades, books and ornate, metal picture frames featuring vintage photos. Large curio cabinets can be used to display Victorian decor items, such as porcelain plates and figurines. Victorian-era mantle and grandfather clocks are functional as well as visually appealing.


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