How Do I Choose the Best Travel Blanket?

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There are many different considerations to factor into your decision when choosing a travel blanket. To make the best choice, you may want to determine the type of traveling you will be doing, because some travel blankets are better for certain situations and conditions than they are for others. There are many different types of travel blankets, and some of the things you may need to consider are size, thickness, portability, color, price, and special features.

One popular type of travel blanket is one designed to fold or roll into a reduced size so it easily can be transported during travel. Some people use them as emergency blankets, and because of their small size when not in use, they can be stored easily until needed. Airplane passengers and people going for long car rides often use fold-up types of blankets because they quickly and easily can be taken out and used to cover up while resting or for comfort during temperature fluctuations. Another advantage is that when this type of travel blanket is folded or rolled up, it can be used as a pillow.


A heated travel blanket is one that has the ability to produce its own warmth, and many travelers use them on trips in which they will be exposed to cold weather conditions. Heated travel blankets typically have to be plugged in and commonly are used in automobiles because cars usually have power sockets. Airplane passengers may utilize the blankets as well, providing that there is a proper power supply. It is also possible to find heated blankets that are battery-operated for use when sleeping outdoors or in other situations in which people cannot use electricity. Many heated blankets also feature a timer so you will not overheat while sleeping.

If you plan to travel during cold weather, it may be a good idea to use a thermal travel blanket. When camping during the non-summer months, for example, thick or thermal blankets can be very useful. A thermal blanket also may be helpful if you intend to use inexpensive lodgings because they sometimes charge for extra blankets and provide only thin ones for guest use.

The best travel blanket for you may not necessarily be one that was specifically designed for travel. Many people have found that a normal blanket may meet their requirements while traveling. Soft, comforting blankets, such as fleece, may provide comfort for you during a rough journey. Children also may find a normal blanket that they use at home more comforting than any blanket purchased specifically for a trip.


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Post 2

Honestly, the best travel blanket that I have ever had is my snuggie. You can use it any time, but I especially like having it when I am in the hotel room. I love to read in my snuggie and when I travel and don't have it I feel off.

Post 1

I have this little travel blanket that I love that came with its own stuff sack. When it is in the sack and cinched up it is really small, about the size of a flash light. But when it is out of the sack it covers my whole body and is quite warm.

Since it is so small when it is cinched up I can keep it in my purse or my carry on. I get cold pretty easily and I like knowing that I have the blanket with me for whenever I want it.

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