How do I Choose the Best Steel Headboard?

Sheri Cyprus

In order to choose the best steel headboard, it's a good idea to first get a clear idea of the look you want. Viewing all types of steel headboards either online or in stores in-person can give you a good idea about what you love and what you don't. Choose the color of steel you like best as well as straight or curved lines or a combination of these.

A shag rug can add a different texture to a room with a lot of hard surfaces.
A shag rug can add a different texture to a room with a lot of hard surfaces.

Stainless steel provides a cool, modern look in a headboard. If you have a contemporary or loft style of decor, this type of steel headboard could be best. Stainless steel headboards tend to have straight lines, although some have rounded tops or curved details. The headboard slats or posts may be rounded bars or square rails. Aluminum headboards have a similar silver-colored look to steel, but they may be less shiny as well as lighter in weight.

A perforated or mesh steel headboard can add interesting, modern texture to a bedroom. This look can be especially attractive if you create a variety of textures in the room, such as by adding a shag rug, velvet throw pillows, glass bottles and a stained-wood chest. Corrugated steel headboards, in which the metal is pleated much like a fan, can be especially stunning in their texture alone. They aren't usually the best choice for a child's room though since the edges may be sharp.

If you value an eco-friendly lifestyle, a headboard made from recycled steel may be a good choice. Furniture stores that specialize in environmentally friendly materials in their products may carry recycled steel headboards. Any type of steel headboard should be easy maintenance; most require only wiping with a soft cloth.

For quality steel headboards, look for strong welded pieces and heavy-gauge metal. Steel tubing headboards fastened together with nuts or screws are typically lower priced, budget-friendly materials. You shouldn't have to pay a lot for these types of steel headboard in comparison with the heavy-duty welded kind.

If you prefer a non-shiny look to a steel headboard, brown, black or white versions may suit you best. These colored steel headboards may be more rounded or curved in design than the shiny silver type. If your bedroom furniture is either white, black or brown, choosing a steel headboard in the same color can bring a cohesive look to your room design. Most colors of steel headboard are available in standard bed sizes.

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