How do I Choose the Best Sofa Slipcovers?

Sheri Cyprus

To choose the best sofa slipcovers, having detailed, accurate measurements of your furniture is important. Even the most attractive slipcover isn't going to look that way without the right fit. After you have the proper fit, consider all of the options in that size. Avoid cheap-looking material or fabric that will wrinkle or bunch up easily. Pay attention to how the slipcover will fasten onto your sofa as this can make a big difference in its overall look.

A person should have accurate measurements of their sofa before purchasing a slipcover.
A person should have accurate measurements of their sofa before purchasing a slipcover.

Slipcovers with hidden grips or clips in their design can help adhere the fabric to the sofa. Without these, a sofa slipcover may appear to be well-fitted until a person leaves the seat and fabric from the cushion becomes mussed up or pulled out from under the lower backrest section. It's well worth paying more for sofa slipcovers that will stay in place rather than settling for cheaper models that have to be straightened each time someone gets up from the sofa.

The backing of the fabric can also help a slipcover stay put. A sofa slipcover with a silky underside is likely to slide around too much; many of the cheaper, synthetic covers have this type of backing, so it's best to avoid these. Also look for slipcover fabric that will wear well and offer easy maintenance. The main benefit of sofa slipcovers, besides making old furniture look new with a different pattern or color, is that they are easily laundered so they keep being attractive. It's for this reason that many people choose white slipcovers when they wouldn't pick seating in that color.

If you're choosing a patterned slipcover, make sure it's a design you'll want to see daily. Its pattern should coordinate with any other patterns you have in the room, such as in a rug or throw pillows. Some sofa slipcovers come with throw pillow covers so you can change the look of yours along with your seating. If possible, don't go by just the photograph of the sofa slipcover on its package, but actually touch the fabric to get a better idea of its quality.

Hidden elastic or noticeable ties can help the slipcover fit your couch better. It's usually a good idea to pick the kind of slipcover that has individual covers for sofa cushions. This style tends to make a sofa look like it was fitted like that originally rather than just re-covered. Sofa slipcovers that drape over all of the seat cushions rather than fitting them individually tend to look the most like purchased covers.

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