How Do I Choose the Best Indian Home Decor?

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To choose the best Indian home decor, it can be a good idea to begin by picking a main wood tone as well as two or three vivid colors. Selecting wall art and other accessories featuring these colors can help create an Indian decor as long as the subjects are Indian in nature. A tasteful Indian home decor is usually simple to create by using many neutrals that mix well together, then adding colorful and stylish accents to liven up the look.

For example, you could paint some of the walls in your home in neutral colors, but also be sure to include accent wall looks in your favorite vivid Indian colors such as orange, turquoise, lavender or red. Visiting a store that sells fabric for saris can help you create beautiful draperies and throw pillows in your accent colors. For a luxurious looking Indian home decor, consider choosing some elegant fabrics such as metallics or those with beaded details.


In Indian decor, using color is important as it contains meaning. For instance, red is said to be a good color for bedrooms, as it's associated with fertility. You don't have to paint your entire bedroom red, but rather have an accent wall and satiny throw pillows on the bed in that color. Blue is a color of universal love in Indian culture and may make a good choice for children's rooms or a living room. Yellow is thought to be calming and peaceful so it would be another idea for a child's room, nursery or study.

Dark Indian woods such as mahogany, teak and rosewood can be ideal choices for contrasting with the vibrant accent colors. Lighter neutral walls and floors that surround the accent spots of color can also help showcase the dark woods. While rosewood tables are typically easy to find, mahogany can be more expensive; they may be worth it to add a sophisticated look. You may want to add a mahogany dining table and/or a carved chest to your home. Teak wood is often the most pricey, yet also extremely durable and weatherproof, which makes it the ideal choice for outdoor living spaces.

Look for Indian subjects such as flowers, birds and animals in artwork and accessories. Tigers, elephants, peacocks and lavender blossoms can all help add a touch of India to your home decor. You may want to collect wall art in tribal designs such as colorful Gond works. The Gond are indigenous peoples of central India and paintings of their colorful tribal masks can can add interest as well as an authentic appeal to your Indian home decor.


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