How do I Choose the Best Hot Tub Jets?

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Hot tub jets typically provide either a powerful, invigorating stream of water or a soft, soothing flow. Achieving the best hydrotherapeutic massage usually involves some combination of these two types. In order to choose the best hot tub jets, you will need to decide which areas of the body require the most attention. The type of jets as well as their location must be considered when making your choice. There are special hot tub jets for nearly every major area of the body as well as lounge seats designed to provide a systematic total-body massage.

The placement of hot tub jets can be very important. Large powerful jets should be placed near major muscle groups including the shoulders, lower back, legs, and feet. Special attention should be given to the type of jets placed near delicate areas such as the neck. Additional jets should be considered for the hands, wrists, and calves. The lumbar area of the back should also be included in the placement of these jets.


Certain types of jets are designed to move a stream of water in different directions to allow you to focus on specific areas of the body. These directional jets are particularly effective on sore muscles and backaches. This type of jet is usually arranged in pairs for more effective results. Mini jets are much smaller than normal jets and are typically utilized in groups for massaging broader areas such as the back and legs. Swirl jets send out a circular stream of water to provide whole-body relaxation rather than a therapeutic massage.

Pillow jets focus their attention on the neck area and are typically located above the water line of the hot tub. These hot tub jets are designed to relieve neck strain and typically have a separate control to adjust the water pressure. Shoulder jets also work above the water level of the tub and can be pointed in multiple directions for a focused shoulder massage. Finely focused laser jets are often used in a cluster to vigorously massage a small area. Volcano jets located at the bottom of a hot tub typically provide very little massaging action.

Another type of hydrotherapeutic jet to consider is the whirlpool jet. This device is able to generate a powerful swirling effect near the sides of the hot tub. Whirlpool jets often treat athletic injuries such as sprains and strains. Special diverter nozzles are sometimes used with whirlpool jets to reduce the force of the water. Pulsating hot tub jets provide a soft kneading action and are ideal for massaging weary muscles.

If you are unable to decide which types of jets are best suited for your hot tub, you may want to consider a massaging lounge seat. This special device utilizes multiple sets of jets that operate sequentially to massage the entire body. The typical jet sequence begins at the neck and shoulders and continues down the back to the legs and feet. If a general massage is desired, a massaging lounge seat may be the best choice.


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