How Do I Choose the Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets?

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Many consumers already believe that Egyptian cotton sheets are better than others, though few consumers actually know why. When choosing Egyptian cotton sheets, it is important to ensure you are getting the real thing, since Egyptian cotton is quite different from other types of cotton. The fibers in Egyptian cotton tend to be longer, which means the fibers in the yarn or fabric used to create the sheets will in turn be longer. This translates into more strength and better durability, since the thread count is higher with the much thinner but stronger Egyptian threads.

When choosing Egyptian cotton sheets, it is first and foremost important to choose the correct size. Make sure you know what size your mattress is, and remember that bed liners and cushions can expand the size of the mattress enough that the correct sized sheets may not fit. Queen size sheets, for example, are designed to work with a queen size mattress, but if your mattress pad or bed liner is too thick, the fitted sheet might not fit over these items well. Make sure to take note of what is included with the Egyptian cotton sheets; most sets include the fitted sheet as well as a top sheet, and some will feature two pillow cases. Still others might feature a matching bed skirt or other items useful for dressing up the bed.


The color and design are largely matters of preference, though it is often a good decision to buy sheets that will match the overall decor of the room or the blankets that you will use in conjunction with the Egyptian cotton sheets. The color of the sheets does not necessarily need to match other colors in the room, but it should at least complement other colors and designs. While some people prefer sheets with frills or edging, others prefer plainer sheets, since plain sheets are less likely to be uncomfortable or to fray easily.

Take note as to whether the cotton used to make the sheets is true Egyptian cotton or if it is king cotton, which is similar but not as durable. This should be marked clearly on the packaging; if it is not, it may be best to avoid that particular brand until you can verify that the brand uses true Egyptian cotton. Keep in mind that Egyptian cotton sheets are likely to cost more than other types of sheets, but in the long run you may end up saving money because these sheets tend to last longer than sheets made from lower-grade cotton.


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Post 4

@literally45: I just bought some 100 percent Egyptian cotton bedding and I was wondering why I've been sweating every night since.

Post 3

@simrin-- Actually, it's possible for some Egyptian cotton sheets to cause sweating. It all depends on the number of threads and how the threads were weaved. Sheets that have a tight weave with a large number of threads breathe less. So they can feel hotter and absorb sweat less. I had a 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets with a tight weave that had this problem.

You should look for Egyptian cotton sheets with fewer threads and a looser weave.

Post 2

@literally45-- If Egyptian cotton absorbs sweat, then what I have isn't real Egyptian cotton. The sheets I have say pure Egyptian cotton bed sheets on the label, but they make me sweat at night.

Post 1

I love Egyptian cotton sheets. Egyptian cotton isn't just more durable, it's also softer because the fibers in the fabric have less interruptions. The climate in Egypt might also have something to do with Egyptian cotton being softer.

This cotton also absorbs better than regular cotton and so is perfect for hot and humid climate.

Of course, it costs more, but it's worth it.

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