How Do I Choose the Best Bedroom Window Treatments?

G. Wiesen

When choosing bedroom window treatments you should consider both aesthetic and practical concerns, which can help ensure you choose treatments that are durable and complement your other decoration or décor. You should consider matching any curtains you choose to existing décor in the room, or using curtains as an inspiration point for future additions. One common method is to match the colors or patterns of curtains to pillows, tablecloths, or bedding used in the bedroom. You should also consider bedroom window treatments that can help keep out light, to ensure your bedroom is a place of comfort and sufficient darkness for sleep.

Bedroom window treatments may match other design elements in the room.
Bedroom window treatments may match other design elements in the room.

Bedroom window treatments typically refer to blinds, curtains, and other decorations used on and around windows in a bedroom. These types of decorations can vary quite a bit, and as you consider treatments, you should be sure to keep in mind any décor you may already have in your bedroom. Since your bedroom window treatments will be adjacent to and covering part of the walls of your bedroom, you should consider the paint color or wallpaper patterns you have on your walls. Your window treatments can match these details, or you can create contrast by choosing a different color or pattern for your curtains or treatments.

If you have already done a great deal of decorating in your bedroom, then you should typically consider bedroom window treatments that match or go well with your other décor. You might consider using fabric with a similar color or pattern to your bedding, for example, as a way to tie together various elements in your bedroom to create a cohesive aesthetic. The exact same fabric can actually be used to create sheets, window curtains, and even accent pillows in your bedroom. This creates a cohesive theme and includes your bedroom window treatments as a part of the entire space.

You should also consider more practical aspects of the space as you choose the best bedroom window treatments for your needs. If your bedroom windows are hit with early morning sun, which you find disruptive to your sleep, then you might consider using blackout material to line your curtains. This affords you the darkness in your room that blackout curtains provide, but allows you to choose a patterned fabric for a more visually appealing treatment. Even if you choose blinds for your bedroom windows, you can still create a top treatment at the top of the window to add some color to the space or match the windows to your other décor.

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