How Do I Choose the Best Baby High Heels?

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You can choose the best baby high heels by knowing your baby’s size and buying from a reputable dealer. In addition, it helps to have an outfit that goes well with the high heels available. Baby high heels fit like most baby shoes and are typically sized according to months. Reputable high heel dealers do not sell actual heeled shoes for babies; true baby heels are not meant to be walked on because they could injure the child. Lastly, the production of high heels for babies is a bit limited, especially because the demand is not great, which can make finding the perfect heels for an outfit difficult.

As baby heels are not the most popular shoe on the market, their sizes are limited. In fact, they are so limited that you are unlikely to find more than one size, which is size zero to six months. Your baby’s foot might not fit the heels at first, but the sizing does not have to be perfect because the shoes are not meant to be walked on anyway. If your baby has a particularly large foot, it may not be possible to find baby heels to fit him or her. Remember that baby high heels are often seen as a gag gift or funny costume for a baby.


Baby high heels are soft, squishy, and not meant to be stood on. If a baby attempts to stand on the shoes, the shoe will collapse because it cannot hold the child’s weight. Due to this, high heeled shoes for babies are generally only made for babies who cannot yet walk. Most babies start to walk at around eight to nine months old, but it is not unusual for some babies to start earlier. If your baby starts to walk but still fits into his or her heels, it is time to retire the heels in favor of socks or well-fitted shoes that are meant to be walked on.

This kind of shoe does not come in many colors. Hot pink and leopard patterns are common, though, but do not go with the average outfit made for children. Your best bet is to choose an outfit while choosing the best baby high heels to ensure everything coordinates well. If you are shopping at the last minute, consider buying a simple black dress or suit for the baby, which usually goes with any color shoe, including a funny high heel.


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