How can I Make Ornaments?

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When it comes to selecting Christmas ornaments for the tree, there are a couple of options to consider. First, you can purchase ornaments from a local retail store. Your other option is to make ornaments yourself. If the idea of homemade ornaments is appealing, but you feel that you are not crafty enough to create anything that would look good on the tree, here are some simple ornament projects that are simple, easy and will look great on the tree.

One of the simplest ornaments to make is a popcorn string. All that is required is a thick grade of thread, a needle, and plenty of popped popcorn. Simple thread the needle, then run the thread through each popcorn piece, slowly making a long strand of popcorn. You can use colored popcorn to make a multicolored string or spray a light coat of silver, gold, or red on the popcorn once the strand is complete. If you prefer to leave the popcorn a natural white, make sure to spray the strand with a light coat of hairspray, as this will help the popcorn hold its shape and also prevent anyone or anything in the house from nibbling on the ornaments.


Another simple project to make ornaments involves creating your own unique globes to hang on the tree. This requires some balloons, lots of thin twine and some liquid glue and water. Mix equal portions of glue and water in a basin, then place the string in the mixture. Next, blow up the balloons to the size desired. Wrap the saturated string around the balloon taking care to make a criss-cross pattern with the string. After more or less creating the globe shape, set the covered balloon aside. Once the glue dries, you can use a pin to pop the balloon, leaving an open weave design for a round globe. Spray paint the globe any color you like, or leave it a natural white.

You can also make ornaments using old Christmas cards. Cut out figures from the front of the cards, then glue the figure to a piece of construction paper cut to any shape you like. Make a small pinhole in the top of the paper and insert an ornament hook. This not only makes it possible to enjoy those old cards one more year, it also is an easy project that the kids can help with.

There is always the option of baking ornaments for the tree. To make ornaments of this type, all you need is your favorite cookie dough recipe and some Christmas cookie cutters. Roll out the dough, cut out the shapes, and lay them on a cookie sheet. Using a toothpick, create a hole in the top of each cookie that will make it possible to hang the cookies with ornament hooks. Bake according to the recipe directions, then decorate as you like. These ornaments are especially great if you don’t want to store a lot of ornaments from year to the next. Plus you can always bake more if someone decides to eat one of your ornaments.

You can also make ornaments that are constructed as tiny picture frames. For this project, you can use Popsicle sticks, construction paper, a picture, and some glue. Make the frame with the sticks, place the picture in the frame and back the picture with the construction paper. This simple project is great for tree trimmings of almost any design, as it adds a personal touch. Use pictures of family and other loved ones to create several ornaments that you can scatter across the tree. If you don’t want to use original pictures, scan the originals and use the copies for the ornaments.

There are all sorts of ornaments to make, including many that make ideal craft projects for children. Adults can also make Christmas ornaments that are original, attractive, and in keeping with a tree that has a more grown-up appearance. All it takes is a little time, some imagination and you can make ornaments that will make the holiday even more pleasurable.


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