What Are the Different Resources for Fire Victims?

Viewers will often send donations to a television station that has aired a story about a house fire.
After a fire, the Red Cross may send an agent to evaluate the damage and provide assistance.
Victims of a fire may require temporary housing and food.
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Fire victims can find resources by contacting non-profit, charity organizations. They can also find help by contacting local churches the media. After a fire, a family will need food and temporary housing. They may also be in need of medicines, clothing, and other essential items. There are more than a few places that specialize in providing immediate resources for fire victims.

The American Red Cross is a non profit charitable institution that works to relieve and prevent suffering, including after fires. After a fire, an agent evaluates the extent of the damage done to the structure. He assesses the situation and provides assistance to the fire victims, including food, clothing, or temporary shelter. The Red Cross also refers people affected by fires to other relief organizations.

The Salvation Army is a non governmental agency that specializes in disaster relief in 123 countries. Fire victims can receive immediate help from this agency, including food, clothing, and temporary shelter. If the family is unable to move back into the home, permanent housing may also be offered. The Salvation Army can also help the family financially with utility bills and rental costs.


Local churches are also an option for fire victims. They can take in donations for the family as well as provide food and temporary shelter. Members of the church may also be able to replace lost furniture or household appliances. Fire victims can become depressed and may require spiritual guidance. A clergy member may be able to offer comfort during this difficult period.

Media exposure can also benefit fire victims. If the fire was reported on the TV or radio, viewers or listeners can be asked to send in donations to a specific address. They can be told where to drop off furniture or household appliances. Many times, viewers will send donations to a television station that has aired a story about a house fire.

Victims of a fire should immediately contact their homeowner insurance agent and begin to document all destroyed items. They should not throw away any of these damaged household items until an inventory assessment has been made. Mortgage companies should also be notified immediately.


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