Will Muscles Turn into Fat If I Don't Use Them?

Despite the popular misconception, muscles won't actually turn into fat if you don't use them. The reason for this common misconception is likely because as you stop using muscles, they get smaller. At the same time, if you keep eating the same amount of food, you'll usually gain fat since you decreased your energy output. The new fat often appears in the space provided by the shrinking muscles, leading to the appearance of muscles turning into fat.

More facts about muscles and exercising:

  • Even if you stop working out in the gym, you may still be able to maintain muscles by doing other activities, like dancing, chores, or walking, depending on your previous activity level.

  • Walking can be a very effective form of exercise, with some studies showing that walking for one minute can extend your life by at least a minute and a half.

  • Too much exercise can be dangerous — some athletes with very intense training schedules even scar their hearts.

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This is right up my alley. I have not exercised in years due to an accident I had. I can walk, but not long distances. I walk with a cane, which is taking a toll on me. I feel tired when I do any walking which is rarely.

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