Why Would Someone Wear Non-Prescription Glasses?

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Most people wear glasses to correct an issue with their vision, but others wear non-prescription glasses for a variety of other reasons, most unrelated to vision entirely. Aesthetics is certainly one reason — sunglasses are perhaps the most popular non-prescription glasses available — but other reasons include safety and protection. Athletes who participate in a wide variety of sports wear non-prescription glasses to reduce the risk of injury to the eyes and surrounding areas, while workers in many settings wear safety glasses to prevent stray objects from striking the eyes. Some glasses are even designed to protect the eyes from bright lights that can burn the retinas; welders are likely to use such glasses.

Aesthetic appeal applies to sunglasses, but as non-prescription glasses, sunglasses can protect the eyes as well. Many sunglasses filter out ultraviolet (UV) rays that can be damaging to the human eye, and wearing sunglasses regularly can help maintain eye health. Sunglasses have become a staple in the fashion world, and countless designs have become available at different price points. The combination of functionality and style has made sunglasses the most popular type of non-prescription glasses available to consumers.


Safety glasses come in a variety of styles to fit the needs of different users. Some eyeglasses are meant to protect the eyes from impact or damage, as is the case with glasses worn by someone who has lost an eye in the past. Many such people often wear protective glasses to prevent the remaining eye from being injured, thus maintaining some level of vision. Safety glasses made from shatterproof materials have become a staple in many industrial settings, from factories to construction sites, as the likelihood of being struck by debris or dust is quite high in such settings.

Shatterproof non-prescription glasses are quite popular among athletes as well. Cyclists wear glasses to protect their eyes from debris, but also to protect the eyes from wind that can impair vision. Racquetball players may wear glasses that reduce glare from the white walls of a racquetball court, as well as provide protection against impact from a stray ball or opponent's racket. Gun enthusiasts may wear glasses to reduce glare in outdoor settings, as well as to protect the eyes from stray bullet shells. Most non-prescription glasses serve more than one purpose, and safety is almost always a primary concern.


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Buster29- I have seen people buy non-prescription glasses just because they like the look of the eyeglass frames, too. I wear prescription eyeglasses myself, and I wish I didn't have to depend on them so much. I wasn't concerned with fashion when I ordered my last pair. I just wanted to find the cheapest eyeglasses that fit my face.

I have bought non-prescription reader glasses recently, mostly because I don't want to pay for another exam in order to get prescription bifocals. I also own a pair of non-prescription sunglasses, mostly to protect my eyes when I'm working on a tan.

Post 1

I know some people who own dozens of pairs of non-prescription glasses just to accessorize a certain look. They might wear thick black frames with a 50s style suit, white socks and a skinny tie, or aviator sunglasses with a 70s inspired shirt and checkered pants. It's all about looking completely authentic from head to toe.

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