Why Are Most of Japan's Mobile Phones Waterproof?

Over 90% of cellphones sold in Japan are waterproof because many Japanese people like to use them in the shower or bath. Bathing is an important Japanese daily routine that is thought to provide health benefits such as relaxation and self-reflection. Despite cramped living spaces, Japanese bathtubs called furo are typically larger and deeper than American bathtubs. Many furo are deep enough to cover the bathing person's shoulders when sitting. Since so many people are using their cellphones while in the bath, waterproof cellphones began to rise in popularity. This has also given the rise in popularity for waterproof televisions.

More about Japan:

  • As of 2014, 1 Japanese Yen (JPY) equals 0.008230 US Dollars (USD).

  • Hanami is a traditional Japanese festival held generally at the end of March through the beginning of May each year. The festival is the viewing of cherry or plum blossoms where viewers may have a picnic or patry beneath the trees.

  • In Japan, it is good etiquette to remove your shoes before entering the home. Guests are given slippers to wear by the host at the doorway. But if entering a matted room, the slippers must also be removed.

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