Who Is More Likely to Have Insomnia: Men or Women?

Although men and women both can experience occasional problems with sleeping, women are about twice as likely to have insomnia. Changes in a woman's menstrual cycle can contribute to her ability to sleep soundly. Menopause is another factor, with night sweats and hot flashes also interfering with sleep.

More facts about insomnia:

  • A phenomenon known as secondary insomnia is associated with many health issues. Individuals who suffer from anxiety, depression and other emotional illnesses often experience insomnia along with other symptoms that are relevant to those conditions. People who suffer from restless leg syndrome or fibromyalgia also are more likely to experience insomnia.

  • Therapy and medication are used to address sleeping problems. Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) is sometimes used to help reverse negative thinking and allow the mind to become calm, which helps increase the chances of achieving a restful slumber. Depending on any underlying physical issues for the insomnia, medication might help the insomniac fall asleep.

  • Insomnia also can be a side effect of taking certain prescription medications. A qualified medical professional can evaluate the circumstances and possibly adjust the dosage or approve a switch to a different medication as a way of reducing the potential for sleepless nights.

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