Who is Gary Spivey?

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Equally well known for his work as a professional psychic and the prominent white Afro wig that he sports in public, Gary Spivey has been a public presence ever since the early 1990’s. During this time, Spivey has refined his image on several occasions, progressing from a radio personality to a fixture on shock television programs. More recently, Gary Spivey has achieved notoriety as the author of a book dealing with the supernatural, and as the founder of a spiritual retreat in California. Here are some of the highlights of Spivey’s career, including information about his current projects.

While Gary Spivey made his first impression with appearances on The Ron and Ron Show, a syndicated radio program originating in Florida. The attention that Spivey’s appearances generated led to opportunities for work on a number of shock or reality television shows, among them the Jerry Springer program. His reputation of being slightly off the wall was enhanced by his television work, as it allowed a wider audience to experience both his unique ideas and his collection of Afro wigs. At times, Spivey would sport a white Afro wig, and other times opt for a gray Afro wig. The combination of personality and a visual appearance that was both memorable and comical helped to make Gary Spivey a natural for appearances in television infomercials. By the middle of the 1990s, Spivey had added appearances on World Championship Wrestling promotions often appearing in short skits with professional wrestler Paul Orndorff.


As the new century began, Gary Spivey began to become more serious about his psychic abilities. At various times, Spivey has indicated that his psychic experiences have included a wide range of events. Among them are such experiences as channeling spirits and providing communications from the dead to loved ones, communicating with angels, and engaging in astral travel to other dimensions of reality. He has also claimed to been involved in faith healing on several occasions. As he began to promote his psychic encounters with more regularity, Spivey established a telephone hotline, where callers could receive a ten-minute psychic reading, in exchange for a fee.

Much of the understandings that Gary Spivey gleaned from his supernatural encounters formed the basis for his book, Your Keys to Heaven. Along with the publication of the work, Spivey also announced the creation of a spiritual retreat in Ojai, California. The retreat center will focus on techniques and concepts that are associated with various schools of thought that deal with the supernatural. Through it all, Gary Spivey still wears his collection of white Afro wigs.


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