Which US States Use the Most Water?

California, Texas, Florida and Idaho are the US states that use the most water, according to the US Geological Society. Those four states contributed to more than 25% of all US water usage in 2005. California used the most water, about 11% of the US total, with Texas next at 7%. How water is used typically depends on the state. For example, about 75% of California’s fresh water usage was for agriculture, while the main uses in Texas were for agricultural purposes and for the production of electrical power.

More about water usage in the US:

  • An estimated 408 billion gallons (1.54 trillion liters) were used each day in the US in 2000.

  • Although the population of the US increased between 1980 and 2000, water usage declined, which is thought to have been the result of raised awareness and government regulations concerning water conservation.

  • About 43 million Americans use their own wells for water rather than relying on public water supplies.
More Info: usgs.gov

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It is hardly surprising that California, Texas and Florida use the most water, since they have the most people. The only puzzler is Idaho, which must use an abnormal amount for agriculture - maybe it takes a lot to grow potatoes.

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