Which US State Has the Most Pigs?

As of May 2012, Iowa had 19.7 million pigs and hogs, more than any other US state and about one-third of the country's pig and hog population. North Carolina was a distant second, with only 8.6 million hogs.

More about pigs and pork consumption:

  • Christopher Columbus' ships brought pigs to the US in 1493.

  • Before World War II, most pigs in the US were classified as lard pigs, capable of putting on large amounts of fat. Leaner beasts, on the other hand, were known as bacon pigs, which were better suited for being butchered for meat. Lard was rationed during World War II, so many people got used to using vegetable oils, reducing the demand for lard pigs and increasing the market for leaner animals.

  • Pork consumption in the US peaked in 1944, at 54 pounds (24.5 kg) per person. Experts predicted that number would be about 44 pounds (20 kg) in 2012.

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Post 5

I've traveled globally to install equipment that saves the lives of runt piglets, and I've "worked" on an 'organic, free range' hog farm where I helped sows litter. A lot of those little critters suffered inhumane deaths, too (being with pigs is not work for me).

I love pigs, and of course, I'm from Iowa. Our highest point above sea level is a hog lot. Look for us there when the floods come!

Post 3

Pigs are some of the most intelligent and sensitive of animals and very dedicated to their young. Our system of commercial pig farms and slaughter is barbaric.

I want to believe that if people really saw how pigs are treated and how they respond in commercial vs. sanctuary settings and the incredible cruelty involved in raising, transporting and slaughtering them, they would stop or at least reduce their consumption of the remains of this intelligent, sentient creature.

Post 2

Compare with the human population of Iowa!

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