Which UN Representatives Have the Most Parking Violations?

As of 2010, United Nations representatives from Egypt had the most outstanding parking violations in New York, with a total of 17,633 unpaid parking tickets from 1997 to 2009 — which amounts to about $1.9 million US Dollars (USD) in unpaid fines. Representatives from Kuwait had the second most unpaid tickets, with 11,091 tickets from 1997 to 2009; followed by representatives from Nigeria, with 8,447 tickets; and Indonesia, with 5,822 tickets. All of the unpaid tickets from UN representatives add up to about $18 million USD in fines.

More facts about UN representatives and parking violations:

  • Countries that had the fewest tickets out of those who had any tickets from 1997 to 2009 were Norway, which had four tickets, and Canada, which had two tickets. Both countries paid the fines.

  • Parking violations from diplomats actually dropped by 90 percent shortly after 2002. That was when the United States enacted a law to take out money owed for parking fines from foreign aid payments.

  • A 2006 study found that the countries that were most likely to have large numbers of parking tickets were those that had bad opinions of the U.S. and were relatively more corrupt than other countries.

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