Which Health Conditions can be Helped by Chiropractic Care?

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The application of chiropractic care to many different types of health conditions may surprise a lot of people. Based on the understanding that many ailments come about due to misalignments in the muscular and skeletal structures of the body, chiropractic care seeks to restore alignment as a means of curing illness. Here are some examples of health conditions that are understood to be treatable with the use of chiropractic methods.

Relieving such ills as problems with the autonomic nervous system, as well as neck and back pain, have long been some of the ailments that many people identify with chiropractic care. An adjustment to the spinal column by a qualified chiropractor is thought to bring the musculature and vertebrae of the back into a state of natural alignment, which in turn alleviates stress, strain, and pinching on nerve endings. As the natural structure of the human form settles back into its intended place, the nervous system no longer has to respond to the pains caused by the misalignment, and balance is restored.


Migraines, along with stuffy noses and ear infections are also treated with chiropractic care. A combination of adjustments and soft muscle rub treatments are usually employed for these types of health situations. Again, the underlying principle is balance. By bringing the body back into alignment, the root cause for the buildup of pressure and infection is removed. The soft muscle treatments help to soothe inflamed tissue, and help the body’s natural defenses to take care of the rest of the healing process.

Many chiropractors will also offer treatments that are understood to help with such issues as bedwetting, colic, painful menstrual cycles, and even glaucoma. These often involve a regimen that includes adjustments, massage, and changes in diet in order to relieve the symptoms. For some ailments, there may be a need to engage in a series of treatments over a short period of time. The series of treatments gradually alleviate the pain associated with all these conditions, restoring the individual to a sense of good health.

Chiropractors receive intensive training in the field of chiropractic care, including clear guidelines of what types of health conditions can be treated successfully with chiropractic methods, and which ones may require the assistance of traditional medicine. Many choose to go through continuing education programs, ensuring that their technique remains up to date. As an alternative means of dealing with health issues, chiropractic care is often a logical and sensible solution.


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In the chiropractic treatment, or adjustment, the chiropractor using his hands releases stress in spinal joints. The adjustment can be made to other joints in the body as well, that might experience

restrictions due to injury or life's stresses.

Very often other neuro-musculo-skeletal problems can be helped with chiropractic treatment, such as tennis elbow, sprained ankle, knee problems etc.

There seems to be more and more agreement in scientific community on the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment for pain and tension. Very often one will experience other benefits from chiropractic care such as elevated energy, help with insomnia and dizziness.

Many patients see chiropractor not only when in pain, but as a part of their well being, to avoid major problems.

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