Which Foods Should I Avoid When Pregnant?

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During pregnancy, there are a number of foods and drinks that should be avoided or limited. It is very important that the body receive a well balanced diet in order for the baby to be provided with the correct nutrients. The food that is eaten while pregnant not only helps the baby grow, but also gives the mother the energy to cope with the changes in her body.

There are certain types of foods that should be avoided to prevent food poisoning and to limit any risk to the baby. Although it is a rare condition, listeriosis still exists. This illness has symptoms that are similar to the flu, and certain foods carry the listeria germ. Listeriosis has been known to cause stillbirth and miscarriage. It can also be the cause of severe illness in newborn babies.

Cheese that is soft or blue veined should be avoided. This includes Brie, Stilton, and Camembert. Listeria is not present in hard cheeses, processed cheese, or cottage cheese. Potato salad and coleslaw should also be avoided when pregnant, as well as foods that require heating in a microwave. Make sure that all food is hot all the way through.


Another risk of food poisoning can come from salmonella. This is a form of bacterial food poisoning. Salmonella poisoning can occur if unpasteurized milk is drunk or if raw eggs or food made with eggs is eaten. Salmonella is also present in raw meat and raw poultry products. Salmonella poisoning is not likely to harm an unborn baby, but these products are best avoided when pregnant.

To be on the safe side where salmonella poisoning is concerned, do not eat any meat products at barbecues or social events. Do not eat any products made with unpasteurized milk, which could include Parmesan cheese. Ensure that raw meat or poultry is kept well away from other foodstuffs when in a storage environment such as a refrigerator. Stick to a high standard of hygiene when handling raw meat, and always wash hands thoroughly afterwards.

Another infection that, although rare, can be passed on to an unborn baby is toxoplasmosis. This is a parasitic infection found in cat feces. Toxoplasmosis can also be found in raw meat or meat that has not been cooked thoroughly. It can also be found on unwashed fruit and vegetables. Pregnant women should take exceptional care when changing a cat's litter tray.

A high intake of fish or fish products should also be avoided when pregnant. High levels of mercury are present in fish and can harm an unborn baby's nervous system. When pregnant, avoid eating large quantities of tuna fish, swordfish, and marlin. Pregnant women should also avoid food containing high levels of vitamin A. This includes foods such as liver and cod liver oil.

Most pregnant women are aware of the effects of alcohol on an unborn baby, but drinks such as coffee and some high-caffeine fizzy drinks should also be avoided. Reports vary on how much caffeine can be taken each day. It is thought that, as a guideline, pregnant women should drink no more than three mugs of instant coffee per day. Chocolate also contains caffeine, and chocolate intake should be limited to a few small bars each day.


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ChessPlayer- Many women experience different symptoms during their pregnancy. Some women are sensitive to some foods while other women are just fine eating them. Symptoms like cramping and nausea will vary from woman to woman and can depend on factors such as genetics, age, health and weight.

However, it is a good rule of thumb to avoid foods that are high in calories and fat. This can cause cramping. It is also helpful to avoid foods that are very greasy or oily. Eat healthy foods and be mindful of what you are putting into your body.

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What foods should be avoided to reduce pregnant symptoms including cramping and nausea?

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