Which Country Likes the US the Most?

The Philippines is the country that likes the United States the most, with about 85% of Filipinos viewing the US favorably, according to a survey of 38 countries. Ghana and Israel tied for the next-highest favorability ratings for the US, at 83% each. Religion played a major factor in Israelis' responses, with 90% of the Jewish community liking the US, compared with just 42% of the country's Arab community. The Middle East tended to respond the most unfavorably to the US, with an 85% disapproval rate in Egypt and 82% in Jordan.

More about global views of the US:

  • The majority in every European country surveyed gave the US a favorable rating except Greece, where only 39% of those surveyed had a positive view of the US.

  • Favorability ratings for the US in Malaysia more than doubled in six years, from 27% in 2007 to 55% in 2013.

  • Seven of every 10 Americans believe the US takes the interests of other countries into account with its policies, but the majority of people in other countries said they believe that the US does not consider their country's interests.

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On a map or a listing of all of the countries in the world, put the US's favorability rating and the amount of foreign aid we send them. That would be... interesting.

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