Where Is the Highest Crime Rate?

The country with the highest rate of crime in the world is Vatican City, with 1.5 crimes per resident. However, this high ratio is due to the country's tiny population of only around 840 people. It is likely that the vast majority of the crimes, which consist mainly of pick-pocketing and shoplifting, are committed by outsiders.

The Vatican has a special police force with 130 members responsible for criminal investigation, border control, and protection of the pope. There is no prison in Vatican City, with the exception of a few detention cells to hold criminals before trial. The majority of criminals are tried by Italian courts. The Italian government also provides police to patrol St. Peter's Square.

More about Vatican City:

  • Although Vatican City had a death penalty until it was abolished in 1969, it was never used.
  • There are approximately 18 million visitors each year to Vatican City, which is recognized as the smallest independent state in the world.
  • Unlike most countries, Vatican City issues citizenship to people based solely on appointment to work in the Holy See. Once the job has officially ended, the person and their family lose their citizenship.

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